Barkbox December 2012

Something that you all should know about me is that I love animals. I currently have 2 dogs; a 4 month old Yellow Labrador (Red) and a 1 1/2 year old Siberian Husky (Emma). I also have a 6 year old cat (Henry) and a betta fish (Blue) that just sits on my desk. I also have worked at a nationwide pet store for quite awhile, so I usually know what I'm talking about when it comes to animals. I always look for the best  products that I can get my pets.

I signed up for a monthly subscription box called "Barkbox" a few months ago. The box is usually shipped to my home around the 15th of every month. All of the items that are in Barkbox are made in the USA, which is pretty important to me. I support small businesses more than anything and I love that Barkbox has items that I don't normally see in the grocery store. With Barkbox you have the option to choose if you have a small, medium or large dog. I chose the large dog box. There are 3 monthly subscription options as well. You can choose to pay monthly ($29/month) , every 3 months ($23/month) or every 6 months ($18.20/month). I choose the 6 month option because it was quite a bit cheaper. If you click this link that I am providing, you can get $5 off of your first subscription :) $5 off Barkbox! Okay, let's see what was inside my December 2012 Barkbox now.

Here is what the box looked like when I first opened it, I moved all of the products so that you could see what they were. This box is Holiday themed since it is around the holiday season.

Every box comes with a card that describes all of the items that you received and the other side has a letter from the Barkbox company. 

The first item was some dog treats from Bocce's Bakery. The flavor is called, "Holiday Feast" and it includes chicken, pumpkin and cranberries. When I opened the bag, my dogs went nuts. They loved the treats. Usually my dogs don't like dry dog biscuits but they ate these in almost one bite. I even thought that the treats smelled good when I opened them. They smelled like the cookies that my Dad always makes around Christmas time. I could definitely smell the cranberries in those treats. Another thing that I liked about these treats was that they are made with a limited amount of ingredients. They are made in the USA and they are really good for your dog. 

UPDATE: My dogs absolutely loved these, and I even thought that they smelled really good (No, I did not try them). I was surprised that they liked them because my Husky is really picky and usually she only eats treats that are moist. I would definitely buy more of these.
The next item was a bottle Oatmeal shampoo from Fresh Dog. For those of you who don't know, oatmeal shampoo is probably one of the best types of shampoo that you can get for your dog. It is supposed to moisturize their skin and make it healthy. It also makes their coat look healthy and shiny. This is one of the best smelling dog shampoos that I have ever smelled, no joke. If they made human shampoo smell that good, I would definitely use it every day. I'm actually glad that this was included in the box because it is about that time for my dogs to get a bath. I will absolutely use this and I might even buy a bigger bottle if I like the results as much as I like the smell. 

This was one of my favorite things that I got in the box. It is a Red Velvet cake mix that is good for your dogs. The cake mix only has 5 ingredients in it. I love that because it means that the cake isn't overly processed. The box also comes with a frosting for the cake, the only ingredient in that is unflavored yogurt. To make the cake, you just add an egg, some water and some vegetable oil. For the frosting you just add some water. The mix can either make a cake, big cupcakes or small cupcakes. I will probably end up making big cupcakes for them because I know Red will try and eat more than Emma. Another great thing about the mix is that you have the option to make the cake in the microwave rather than the oven. The cake can actually be completely in the microwave in 2 minutes. The company that made the cake mix is called PuppyCake and they also have other flavors of dog cake mix as well. Flavors such as; carob (which is like chocolate that is good for your dog), banana and peanut butter. 

UPDATE: My sister gets the Barkbox as well and we actually just ended up combining our cake mixes together to make one big cake for our 3 dogs. There is a funny part to this story. After we made the cake, we set it on the counter to let it cool off. Well little miss Rosie (you can see pictures of her in my blog that is dedicated to my huskies) went cupboard surfing and knocked the pan off of the cupboard when nobody was looking. Needless to say, all three dogs were hovering over that cake pan until it was licked clean of all crumbs. Before we even got to put on the frosting! Oh well, I saved the frosting packets so that I could put it on top of my homemade dog biscuits :) They would recommend it very much!

The last item in my Barkbox was this reindeer toy that was made my Simply Fido. I think this dog toy is absolutely adorable and perfect for the holiday season. The feel of the material is kind of velvety and I know my dogs will love it. The arms and the legs of the reindeer actually shorten and get longer as your dog pulls on them. While I was typing up this blog, Red (the Yellow Labrador puppy) actually stole this from the box before I could even get the tags off. He's still a puppy and he loves toys, it was cute to see him running around with it in his mouth. He looked so proud of himself for getting away with it!

UPDATE:  This reindeer toy was adorable! I loved the way that it looked and it was so cute. Unfortunately though, my dogs ripped off it's arms and legs within a few weeks. They like to tug on toys together, I figured it would happen eventually. I would recommend this toy to anybody with small dogs or dogs that are very good to their toys. Unfortunately though, my dogs are both still puppies (literally or at heart) and they like to be tough to their toys. 

My final verdict of this box was that I absolutely loved it! My dogs loved it and they are sitting here patiently, waiting for me to give them everything. I thought this Barkbox was the best one that I've gotten so far and I couldn't be happier with it. Again, here is the link to get $5 off your first subscription of Barkbox, I know you won't be disappointed! $5 off Barkbox!

Disclaimer: Barkbox did not contact me to do this review in any way.


  1. how adorable! I've never heard of a bark box before - it would make a wonderful gift!!!


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