December 2012 Ipsy Bag

This review is a little late but I am really excited to tell you guys all about what I got in my December 2012 Ipsy make-up bag! Ipsy is a subscription makeup bag that arrives at your doorstep once a month. Now before I signed up for Ipsy, I did a lot of research. I was looking for a monthly subscription bag that  allowed me to try new things at a reasonable price. Plus, I wanted the products in the bag to have more than 3 uses in them. The most popular thing that came up was Birchbox. I decided to go with Ipsy instead of Birchbox because I saw a lot of reviews where people were unhappy with Birchbox because they put such small samples in their boxes. Ipsy only puts full sized or deluxe samples in their bags. The price for Ipsy is $10 each month or if you buy a year subscription it is $110 (that's one month free!) Now for the unveiling of my Ipsy bag!

The first item was powder eye-shadow by NYX. The color is called "Ultra Pearl Mania." I've never bought NYX makeup before but I am really excited about trying this color. It is a sparkly brown color and I know it will look great for a date night or night with the girls. To my knowledge, this is a deluxe sized sample. Although it may be a little small, I know this will get me a long way. I could get quite a few uses out of it. 

UPDATE: The second picture is what it looks like on my eye, I am also wearing the black urban decay eye liner in this picture. I did not put primer on my eyes for this color because it was so dark already. I didn't like the tube that the eye shadow was in because when I opened it, it made a huge mess all over my counter. The color is beautiful though. I didn't do a very good job at putting it on but I fixed it before I went out for the night :)

The next item was a very popular item that I have actually used a lot. It is an Urban Decay eyeliner pencil in the shade "Zero." It is a very dark black color that I actually still have in my makeup bag that I use all the time. Urban Decay is my favorite eyeliner so I was very glad to see this in my bag. This is a deluxe sample size but it last for a very long time. 

UPDATE: The picture above shows me wearing this eyeliner as well as the eye shadow. I do not have any problems with this eyeliner. It is a simple black color that stays on all night. I like it because it is not too dark yet it is still noticeable. 

The third item in my bag was a full-sized tube of lip gloss by Be a Bombshell in the color "Hot Mess." To me, the color looks like a really bright cherry red color. It would be perfect for holiday parties. I'm not normally a lip gloss kind of girl because I don't like the stickiness or that it doesn't stay on long enough but I would try this color out. I've been on the search for a nice, deep red lip color for my skin tone for a very long time now. 

UPDATE: The picture above shows me wearing the lip gloss. It is a beautiful red color and it really sticks out. I love how wearing red lipstick or lip gloss makes your teeth look so bright! I ate dinner after I have applied this lip gloss and it didn't make it through dinner :( Of course I had stuck the tube of lip gloss in my clutch and reapplied after dinner! It loses a lot of it's color within 2 hours though. Still, it is very pretty! 

The next thing that I got was a deluxe sample sized Mirabella primer for face and eyes. I'm excited to try this out. I use prime for my eyes but this one can be put on your face too. Like I said, I love trying new things and that's what I got this bag for. 

The last item that I received was a pack of Mai Couture highlighter paper. I've never used highlight paper before. I actually have no idea how to use it or when I'm supposed to use it. I'll have to look it up on YouTube later and find out. Unless somebody knows how to and could help me out! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what I'm supposed to do with it :) 

That's everything in my Ipsy bag. I always get excited to see what's inside when I get it in the mail and I haven't  been disappointed yet. Although, they should put instructions on how to use certain items in their bag. I would have loved to receive instruction on how to use the highlighter paper. 

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Disclaimer: Ipsy did not contact me to do this review in any way.


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