Fall 2012 Cosmo Voxbox from Influenster

Okay, so I am pretty new to this whole blogging thing. If anybody has any comments, suggestions, etc. please let me hear them! I feel as if constructive criticism is the best type of criticism. If I'm boring you, let me know and I'll liven up the party a bit. Sound good?

So what I want to accomplish with this blog is to review things with you. I could review a book, movie, item, subscription box, etc. My promise to you is that I will ALWAYS tell the truth. I've always been that person who tells it to you straight. No matter how much the truth hurts. Now, on to my first review.

About 2 months ago, I actually signed up for this website where I can review products that I use. The website is called Influenster. Now what I didn't know at the time that I signed up, is that the Influenster company actually sends certain reviewers a box called Voxbox when they are specially chosen. About a month after I signed up, I was actually chosen to get the Fall 2012 Cosmo Voxbox from Influenster. Within the week I had received my products from Influenster and I was ready to review them for the companies and Influenster  The purpose of the Voxbox is to let the companies who have items in the box know how they are doing with their products. If you would like a personal invite from me to the Influenster website just leave your e-mail address and I will send one to you!

This first item in my box was a Venus Gillette Embrace razor, a Venus and Olay replacement cartridge  as well as a coupon for $2 off another replacement cartridge. All of these items were packaged neatly in a pretty yellow bag. I have used a few Gillette razors before, but I switched for a little while because I became a poor college student and I would buy the cheapest thing I could find at the grocery store. After using the razor, I found out that the handle can actually be used with any of their replacement cartridges  While the original cartridge, which was called the Embrace cartridge  was not my favorite. I absolutely LOVED the Venus and Olay cartridge  This cartridge has two moisturizing bars on the top and the bottom to make your legs smooth after a shave. It also has 5 blades, which is quite a bit to me because I have tried using 1 or 2 blade razors and while it may have gotten the job done, my legs looked like a murder scene because they got cut so much. 5 blades was like a 5-Star Hotel to me. I know that I will definitely be using that $2 off coupon. Gillette Venus Razors Click that link for more information about Gillette's razors!

Then next thing that I received in my Cosmo Voxbox was 2 Pilot Pen Frixion Erasable Pens. One pen was red ink and the other was black ink. I was SUPER excited to see these items in my Voxbox. Like I said before, I am a poor college student and sometimes I have to resort to stealing my neighbor's pen just to get through the rest of my classes. What I loved about these pens is that I can erase whatever mistakes I made, and still have it in pen. Let me tell you something too, I make a lot of mistakes. You know when you have a pen that writes really nice, then it makes you want to write really nice too? That's what this pen did to me. I could actually read my own notes by the end of class. There was one flaw to the pens that I did not like. The eraser was at the end of the pen and when you put the cap there, then you always have to take it off whenever you want to erase something. I loved the idea though and I could see myself buying another pack when the ink runs out. Pilot Pens Erasable Ink Products Click this link for more information on Pilot Pens Erasable Ink Products!

The third item that I received in my Voxbox was a small sample of Bath and Body Work's scent, "Forever Red" perfume. Now I have absolutely no complaints about this perfume. I usually go for the sweet smelling things and that is exactly what this product was. It was sweet but not to a point where it was too much. It was as sweet as I like it, not too much and not too little. I already know that I will be buying myself a bigger bottle of this fragrance, there's no doubt about that. This scent is perfect for a date night or a romantic night at home with your significant other. Bath and Body Works Forever Red Click this link to see the products that Forever Red comes in.

The last thing that I received in my box was probably one of my favorites. It was actually a large Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape Bar. This bar was absolutely delicious. My dad and I go like to go around and try all the different types of food that we can, and this was definitely one of my favorites. I love the sweet and salty taste. I actually do wish that there was a little bit more of a salty taste to the bar. but it was still delicious. Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape Click the link for the chocolate! So good, seriously, you should try it. 

I received all of these items from Influenster as a complimentary service. I am in no way required to write this blog or promote these items. 

Well that's the end of my first post. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave me comments and tell me how my first blog went. Tell me how I could improve as well. Also, feel free to ask me to review other items and I will try to do my best and give you the complete truth about them. Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Influenster did not contact me to do this review in any way.


  1. Ohhhh I like this voxbox! I am a sucker for pens and they're erasable?!?! Awesome! I love the Olay & Venus razor. I received one from SheSpeaks' best of P&G prgram.

  2. I would love a personal invite from you to try VoxBox kmorgantrs@gmail.com


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