Julep Gold Glamour Mystery Clutch--Get Julep Box for a penny!

Hey everybody!

This is actually my second purchase from Julep and I think that it's a good one. I bought the Gold Glamour Mystery Clutch for $29.99.

Julep is a monthly subscription box for $19.99, but you have the option to purchase add-on's for a much lower price than normal.

Here is what the inside of the box looked like, the add-on's that I purchased with my other order came in this box.

My favorite color is yellow, so I decided to get this yellow color as an add-on. It is kind of a pale yellow color. I think it's pretty but I have a feeling it is going to take 3 coats to completely cover my fingernail. The pedi-creme was a small, free sample that came with it.

UPDATE:  I tried the pedi-creme today. The sample that came in my box was very small, there was barely enough to completely cover my feet. The creme had a minty smell to it, it wasn't a bad smell. I liked how soft it made my feet as well. I'd say it was a pretty good product, I just wish I had a little bit more to try it out again.  

UPDATE:  This is what the color "Blake" looks like on my nails (and yes, I know that I did a bad job at painting my nails). I put 3 coats on my nails for this color. I probably could have gotten away with only putting 2 coats on them, but I just like to make sure that I cover everything. This is more of a nice summer color, it reminds me of a laffy taffy yellow . I probably won't put it on again for a few more months because it's still winter. I had the same problem with this color as I did with my other one, it didn't dry fast enough. The good thing about it is that it stays on longer than most other brands of nail polish though. Overall, I liked how the color looks on my nails. 

This is what the outside of the clutch looked like. It is made of gold sequins, very pretty I thought. 

I LOVE the inside of this clutch. It is a cheetah print, satin-like material. The clutch is actually padded so it would be a great place to keep your nail polish without worrying about the bottles breaking. 

I got 10 one-step polish remover pads. 

UPDATE: These are awesome. When I first got these, I thought that it would be one big cloth inside. Instead, there was 10 smaller cloths with the polish remover on them. There was enough cloth's for each individual finger/toes. I took the dark red color (Sharon) off of my nails and it took the color right off. These are probably the best polish removers that I have ever used. 

Julep Daylight Defense cream with SPF 30. 

I got 2 very pretty glitter pots. I actually already got the blue pot in my last box but I still think that they are both very pretty. There was also a hand brightener, I'm not quite sure what that is used for?

I love the colors that came with my bag! My favorite is the metallic red color, so pretty!

UPDATE: This is what the metallic red looked like on my nails, it is called "Sharon," from the "Classic with a Twist" collection. It's been 24 hours since I have put it on and usually my polish is chipped within the same day that I put it on, these aren't though! Only problem that I had with this polish is that it did not dry fast enough, I waited a few hours before I started doing anything active so that I wouldn't have to redo it. Good thing that it stays on longer than my other polish does though. With this color, I only had to put on one coat of it. I loved the color and now I will have it for twice as long because it only needs one coat to cover the nail!

UPDATE: Here is the gold color on my nails. It is called, "Kathleen" from the "Bombshell" collection. It's definitely not my favorite color. I like colors that are really bright or really dark because I already have pale skin. If a color is too light, then it looks like I'm not wearing any from a difference. It's a pretty color and all, just not the right shade for my skin tone. 

That was everything in mystery clutch, well worth the cost! I will put all the links for my YouTube, Twitter and Julep below! Check out my other Julep reviews to see what else I received! Also, type in the promo code "Penny" when you sign up for Julep to get your first box for a penny!


Disclaimer: Julep did not contact me to do this review in any way.


  1. i LOVE the clutch! julep nail polishes are pretty good ;)

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