Conscious Box Valentine's Day Box Review February 2013

Hey Everyone!

I just got my very first Conscious Box and it was the Valentine's Day themed one. 

The box cost a one time fee of $20.

Retail Value: $.50

Kate's Magik Aphrodisian Fire Massage Oil
Retail Value: $1? 

The bottle does not have a size on it. Based on the sizes and prices on the website, $1 was my best guess. 

L'Ecuyer's Gourmet 3 Butter Chocolate Mint Soap
Retail Value: $.25

UPDATE: This soap smelled so good! It smelled exactly like mint chocolate (I almost wanted to eat it). The quality of the soap was pretty good too, it didn't dry out my skin like most other soaps do. Of course this little sample didn't last very long but I would buy a bigger bar in the future! 

Teatulia Green Tea
Retail Value: $.33

UPDATE: I really, really liked this tea. I do not like really bitter teas and this one was just right for me because I never add sugar or sweetener to my tea. I would definitely buy more or this brand's tea, especially because everything about it is eco-friendly!

Good Clean Love Personal Lubricant
Retail Value: $.48

Savvy Boheme Facial Cleansing Oil
Retail Value: $9.99

Savvy Boheme African Black Soap
Retail Value: $.25

Desert Essence Italian Red Grape Lip Tine
Retail Value: $5.99

LaLicious Body Butter
Retail Value: $1.50

Swipes LOVIN Wipes
Retail Value: $.12

EBOOST Acai Pomegranate Drink Mix
Retail Value: $1.40

Natural Vitality Anti-Stress Drink in the Flavor "Raspberry-Lemon"
Retail Value: $.36

UPDATE: Truthfully, I had no idea what to expect from this product. I have never tried anything similar to this. When I made it, the smell reminded me of gummy bears. It didn't taste too bad either. It definitely made me more relaxed, my mind was completely cleared after I drank it. This would be a good thing to drink right before bedtime. I would buy more of these, definitely. 

Kelapo Virgin Coconut Oil
Retail Value: $1.05

Equal Exchange Fairly Traded 55% Cacao Dark Chocolate Squares
Retail Value: $.46

Health Warrior Chia Coconut Bar
Retail Value: $1.57

Kallari 85% Cacao Chocolate
Retail Value: $5.95

Happy Squeeze Superfood Squeeze in the flavor "Acai Grape and Apple"
Retail Value: $1.77

UPDATE: This tasted so much better than what I was expecting! It tasted like flavored applesauce in a pouch, a really good flavor though. Organic apple is the very first ingredient. I would definitely buy more of these at the grocery store. I wish that I had more to drink/eat right now. 

Total Value of the Box: $32.97

This was my very first Conscious Box and I am very happy with it! There was tons of stuff in this box, now I get to try out a whole bunch of new products. Don't forget to come back and check out my posts again, I always update them and let you guys know how well I like each item after I use them. 

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