KlutchClub Sleep & Relaxation Rewards Box

Hey Everyone!

So I have been getting KlutchClub for quite a while now. I would actually say that it is probably one of my favorite boxes to receive each month. Anyways, KlutchClub has this reward system where you get "Klutchbucks" for doing multiple things. They include referring friends and taking surveys for the products that were in each box every month. I have been saving my "Klutchbucks" for quite a while and I finally spent some of them on their Sleep & Relaxation box!

Cost: 375 "Klutchbucks"
In reality I literally spent nothing on this box, just saved up some points for it! You can't beat free, right?

Value: $14.99

In the big picture, this CD is supposed to be a mix of songs that relax you. I listened to a few of the songs though and it's not really the type of music that I would usually use to relax. Although, I am usually the type of person who listens to recordings of the ocean and rain to relax. Literally, I cannot sleep without my ocean waves going anymore. It reminded me a little bit of the music that we used in Yoga but a little different.

Value: $4.97

I know that I have received this gum before, I can't remember if it was in KlutchClub or another box though. I have tried it and it tastes pretty good, it's just that the flavor doesn't last as long as I would have liked it to. There are still a lot of health benefits to eating it though so I could overlook that.

Value: $6.66

This stuff tastes amazing, it reminded me of lemonade or juice. I drank this after work one night just to calm me down and it definitely worked. I would recommend it to anyone who has a hard time calming down at nights like me!

Value: $2.16

I still have not tried out this drink yet but it has some pretty good reviews from what I saw. It is supposed to calm you down and reduce stress/tension without making you drowsy.

Value: $9.41

Wow, this little bottle costs quite a bit. It got 3 1/2 stars on Amazon so I'm guessing that it works fairly well. According to a lot of the reviews, people will take this before they go to sleep and it works pretty quickly to slow down your mind and help you fall asleep. It sounds like this is perfect for the people who's minds always start to race right before they go to bed. Don't we all get those nights? I know I do, one of the worst things is when you have a song stuck in your head when you're trying to sleep and it won't get out!

Value: $0.76

So many different flavors of tea to choose from! It's a good thing that I like tea because there is a lot for me to drink here. This is another product that got some pretty good reviews so I'm hoping that it tastes good!

Value: $2.31

I've tried all of these flavors from Mighty Leaf and I already know that all of them taste very good. I think that my favorite is probably the chamomile citrus though.

Value: $3.19

I love a sugar free drink. I am definitely excited to try this out because a lot of drinks are packed with sugar anymore. This one will relax me and not ruin my diet!

Total Value of the Box: $44.45

Considering that I paid absolutely nothing for this box, that it a pretty high value for everything in it. I would highly recommend KlutchClub to anybody, especially their regular monthly subscriptions.


Disclaimer: KlutchClub did not contact or pay me to do this review. All opinions are my own.


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