La Bella Box Subscription May 2013 Review

Hey Everyone!

I just received my La Bella Box for May 2013! I was a little bit disappointed with the value of last month's box, but I still had high hopes for this month so I was really hoping that it was good. I love the whole idea of the La Bella Box. It is a great way for small businesses to get their products out into the the public.

Cost: $19/month

For those of you guys who are unfamiliar with La Bella Box, "Each month, you'll receive a box filled with a mix of 4-5 boutique products from small businesses all over the United States. All samples are generously sized, allowing enough product to help you to figure out if they're right for you."

Apparently it is La Bella's 1st anniversary, so I believe a Happy Birthday! is in order. 

Value: $0.90

"At an 1/8oz each of these tiny dots pack in moisture. Rub and let the lotion soak in!"

I can't say that I have ever used lotion dots before, nor have I ever seen them. The "sweet orange" scent isn't exactly my favorite but I tried them out and my hands are  super soft. I can tell that they are going to stay soft for quite a while. I should probably save these for the days that I have to work because I am constantly using hand sanitizer and my hands get very dry. I went to their Etsy store and it looks like they are on vacation for 10 more days, I will have to go back and check them out when they are back to see if there are any other scents!

Value: $1?

"Add a fancy finishing to any meal with these fusions of flavor"

The value is just an estimation of mine, I am not sure how much is in each pouch so I thought that a $1 was pretty fair. I am super excited to try these out. I bet that the organic spice blend would taste great in some spaghetti sauce. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I should use the rosemary lavender salt with? It looks really good, I may have to do some digging around through recipes.

Value: $2?

"Hand-rolled with wildflower seeds and soil. Bring on the May Flowers!"

According to the description card, a bag of seed bombs costs $8 but I have no idea how many are in a bag. From the Etsy store pictures, my best guess is that there are 4 seed bombs in each bag. Each seed bomb may contain a mixture of; Gallardia, Alyssum, Blue Flax, Bachelor Buttons, Verbena, Desert Marigold, Penstemon, Mexican Hat, Cosmos, Zinnia and Sunflowers to name a few. I am so excited to plant these! I love flowers, they can brighten up any dull home. 

Value: $0.75

"Ingredients include caffeinated black tea leaf and orange peel" 

The company that made this has a couple of different Etsy stores, I checked out a few of them and I noticed that they make some really beautiful jewelry. Anyways, I am currently drinking a cup of this tea right now and it tastes really good. The smell and the look of it reminds me of hot apple cider, it doesn't taste anything like hot apple cider though. It is still really good, and I didn't even add honey or sugar to it. Without honey or sugar, it still does not taste really bitter like a lot of other teas do. It's probably in my top 5 favorite teas right now.

Value: $1.66

"Infused with pure Madagascar vanilla bean and a hint of sea salt, they're tender and delicious!"

I'm not going to lie, these cookies were absolutely delicious. I usually don't like shortbread cookies because they get stale easily, not these ones though. I ate both of them in like, 2 seconds. I love that there is only 5 SIMPLE ingredients in these cookies; butter, sugar, flour, vanilla and salt. I would absolutely try more of these, there are a lot of different flavors to choose from on their website. I wonder what cheddar cheese shortbread would taste like?

Value: $0.40

Yay, more seed bombs! I am so excited to see all of my flowers bloom. This was actually supposed to be an extra little gift as to celebrate La Bella's 1 year anniversary. The paper of the seed bomb is made of ecofriendly, recycled paper. The flowers in each bomb may contain; Catchfly, Snapdragon, Red Prairie Coneflower, Daisy, Sweet Alyssum, White Yarrow, Poppy and Sweet William.

Value: $1?

This was another Etsy store that was on vacation :( I couldn't tell what the value of the ring was because I couldn't see any of their listings, oh well. I think that this ring is really pretty, but I can't see myself wearing it too often. For one, orange isn't really my color and I don't have a whole lot of clothes to match it. Another thing is that the flower on the ring is pretty big. I usually wear subtle jewelry. I still think that it is very pretty though and I may wear it every once in awhile.

Total Value of the Box: $7.71

Once again, I am totally disappointed with the value of the La Bella Box. I paid $19 this month and I didn't even receive $8 worth of items. In my opinion, it is definitely not worth my money. In no way does my opinion on the value of the box reflect on the items that were inside of it though. I loved all of the items that were inside of the box and I fully support their small businesses. I am going to unsubscribe to La Bella Box ASAP and find another subscription box that includes items from small businesses. 

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Disclaimer: La Bella Box did not contact or pay me to do this review in any way. All opinions are my own. 


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