P!nk Fancy Box April 2013 Review + Coupon Code

Hey Everyone!

My Pink Fancy Box for April 2013 came in! With this box, you get $80+ worth of items that are personally picked out by Pink. I have been listening to Pink since I was probably 6 years old so how could I pass up getting this box?

Cost: $39/month

Use the coupon code "20OFF15" to get $20 off of your first purchase!

I still love these individual cards.

Value: $45

Would I ever spend $45 on this umbrella? Absolutely not. I didn't want to open it up in the house but I included the description card with a picture of the image on the umbrella beside it. I will probably never use this umbrella to be honest with you. I like to stay respectable to everyone when I can. I have a few friends in mind that I could give it to as a gift though.

Value: $15

This is probably my favorite item out of the whole box. How much fun is it going to be to make dinosaur cookies? It's going to be even more fun decorating them. My imagination is already going with these.

Value: $15

This bracelet is pretty cool. It would be perfect to wear to a rock concert. I haven't gone to any concerts in a little while though... I should probably get on that.

Value: $18

This isn't really my favorite item in the box or anything. I've never really felt the need to color in famous rappers. More than likely this will be another item to gift.

Total Value of the Box: $93

All of these items were definitely different and some of them weren't so much my taste. I still love Pink though and the value of the box was really good. I am especially excited to try out that cookie cutter!


Disclaimer: Fancy Box did not contact or pay me to do this review. All opinions are my own.


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