Tasterie Allergy Subscription Box April 2013

Hey Everybody!

So I got my very first Tasterie Box and I was more than pleasently surprised by it :) For those of you who are not familiar with Tasterie Box, it is a monthly subscription that features items based off of your food allergies. Now, I don't have any food allergies but I do avoid certain products in my diet so I just based it off of that to try it out. There are so many different types of allergies to choose from on their website! When you sign up, you choose whether you want a snack box ($18) or a signature box ($25). There was dairy, egg, gluten, wheat, soy, nut, etc. All types of allergies! Some of them were even combined allergies in case you may have more than one. If you don't have any allergies (like me) you can choose to either get the vegan box or healthy & nutritious box! I ended up getting the "no-soy" box because I do avoid soy products when I can.

Cost: $25/month
(I got the signature box!)

Value: $1.39

I was so disappointed to see that this bag had broken open when I opened up my box :( It made all of my products sticky and I was really looking forward to eating them. There were some apple chips left in the bag yet so I did eat those. The ones that I did eat were so good! Tasted exactly like apples and cinnamon. They were even crunchy still too. I usually don't buy things like this becasue they get soggy by the time that I get around to eating them. Even with the bg breaking open before they arrived to me they were still crunchy so I think that says something.

They even sent me some nice recipe cards for soy-free recipes :) I'm really looking forward to making that pasta and ice cream! Especially the ice cream with the Summer months coming up.

Value: $0.56

Who doesn't love fruit snacks? I'm not even a kid anymore and I still love them. These would be a really good, healthy alternative to you kids, regular high sugar fruit snacks. I am definitely excited to try these out, they got 4.5 stars on Amazon so it must mean that they are good!

Value: $0.85

I went on a rampage on my last post about how much I love peanut butter. This brand is definitely one of my favorite, all natural peanut butters. What's even better about this packet is that it's Almond butter! I love all types of alternatives to peanut butter as well. There's sunflower butter, cashew butter, etc. I love all of them, in case you were wondering. I love the single serve packets too because it's easy to take on the go.

Value: $6.25

I am really interested in finding out how this tastes. There is no soy, salt, MSG, gluten and it is high in fiber. Sounds like the perfect chili to me! It says to add beef and mushrooms but I probably won't add the mushrooms because I don't like their texture. It still looks pretty good to me though.

Value: $0.52

I already know that I am going to love these. I love pretzels and they taste even better with garlic on them. Plus they are wheat and gluten free so that's always a plus.

Value: $7.95

There are so many good products in this box! I love pancakes and there is enough in this bag to feed my whole family. The only drawback that I have for pancakes is that they have a lot of carbs. This bag is supposed to be healthier than the regular pancakes so I think I can handle these with some peanut butter on them :)

Value: $0.75

All natural bacon bits? Oh I am 100% sure that I will find a good use for these. I'll probably add these to a salad or something like that. I am really excited to try these out!

Total Value of the Box: $18.27

I love that I found all different types of healthy foods in this box. So many new products for me to try out!


Disclaimer: Tasterie did not pay me to do this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains referral links.


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