Goodies Co. May 2013 Review

Hey Everyone!

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I received my Goodies Co. in the mail! There's just something that I love about getting mail, it makes me excited to check the mailbox everyday. For those of you who are not familiar with Goodies Co, it is a monthly subscription box that is actually owned by Wal-Mart. You receive 5-8 food products in each box, every month. 

Cost: $7/month.

There is a waitlist to sign up for Goodies so if you are interested then I would suggest signing up now because $7 a month is a steal! It looks like they included a coupon code this month for those of you who are not signed up yet too. Use the promo code, "SKIPTHELINE" to sign up for your first Goodies box right away!

Value: $5.75

I was really surprised when I opened the box and saw how big this bottle of coconut water was! I've tried this stuff before but I honestly did not like it too much. I did try it awhile ago though so I'll have to try it again and let you guys know what I thought. Zico does make coconut water in a lot of different flavors. I really want to try the chocolate one!

Value: $0.22

I absolutely LOVE pumpkin seeds! Every year around Halloween, I go to the local pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin. Then I bring it home, carve it and roast my own pumpkin seeds. Sometimes I can even find them at gas stations! This company makes a lot of different flavors of pumpkin seeds, I really want to try the cinammon sugar one!

Value: $0.47

I'll have to try out this olive oil one night when I cook dinner. I'm not too good at cooking though so I'll have to find a good recipe that uses a little bit of olive oil.

Value: $1.36

I so remember eating these as a kid! They were  one of my favorite snacks as a kid. They have so much sugar on them though. I'll probably still eat them though, just to bring back some memories :)

Value: $0.77

I've never tried black bean chips before. I have seen them at the grocery store in the organic section and I always wanted to try it out. Chipotle BBQ sounds like a really good flavor!

Value: $1.93

Oh I am so excited to try this chipotle sauce out! I love spicy foods. Just today I had one of my favorite sushi rolls, the hot popper. It has so good and had just the right amount of spice for me. I wonder what this would taste really good with? 

Coupon for free Wholly Guacamole product
Value: $8.50

I actually have some wholly guacamole in my fridge right now. It would taste perfect with those black bean chips! I like their guacamole a lot though, and they have several different flavors to choose from

Total Value: $19

The value of this box is awesome compared to what I paid! I've never been disappointed with a Goodies box so I plan on being subscribed to their service for a very long time. 

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  1. I love this Goodies box, it doesn't seem like I can get it here in Canada. Booooo! However I have been able to get Bestowed which I'm enjoying.

    Blueariel's Beauty

    1. I think that they are a fairly new company so hopefully they will expand in the future. I'm glad that you're enjoying your Bestowed! I really like that box too :)

  2. This is such a nifty box :) Thanks for sharing what you got!
    <3 Pauline, Addicted to Makeup

    1. Thanks! I really like this one too :)

  3. $7 is really reasonable. I love trying new things which I would never think of buying. The fun factor is worth the seven bucks by itself.

    1. I know! The box is definitely worth $7


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