Goodies Company Box June 2013 Review

Hey Everyone!

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My Goodies Co. box came in the mail yesterday!! I've been looking at other people's reviews on their boxes and I've been patiently waiting for mine. Goodies Co. is a Wal-Mart company and they want to get food items out to people and let them try new things. I've been getting Goodies Co. for quite a few months now and I've been happy with every box!

I paid: $7

Value: $0.84

Lately, I am really loving shortbread cookies. I don't eat them a lot but these just look so good. These have a 4 star rating on so I'm thinking that I really like them. I'll have to wait for one of my cheat meals to eat these though :) They look so good!

Value: $1.99

Strawberries, blueberries and bananas all in one pack? I'm already in love with this. Something else that I love about this is that it's 100% natural. I love that there is not any artificial sugar added!

Value: $2.48

Could I just talk about how much I love dream water for the rest of this post? I discovered Dream Water awhile back in one of my first subscription boxes and I've been hooked ever since. I take dream water on nights that I know I have to go to bed early. For example, on Monday night I had to work until 9:30 PM and then I had to be back at work by 6 AM on Tuesday. I took one of these shots of Dream Water and fell asleep within 20 minutes of taking the shot. Usually, I end up staying up really late on nights that I work late because it's hard to settle down after all of the day's comotion. I could rave about this product forever, I love it. I wonder if "Nighttime Nectar" is a new flavor? I've never tried this one before. 

Value: $1.79

Apparently these crumbles taste great when you sprinkle them over soup, salad or rice. I've have cooked seaweed once. It was disquisting. I don't know what seaweed snacks would taste like though? From the package it looks good. Have you guys ever tried seaweed? What do you think of it?

Value: $3.99

Yay! A full-size tube of Lay's Stax. I've never heard of the flavor "Que Rico" before though. I'm guessing that it's a spicy flavor. I was so surprised when I saw that this was in this month's box! It made the entire box worth it LOL

Value: $4.47

I'm not a big cheese flavor fan. I do love Pringles Stix though! These are really good and I know that my boyfriend will be happy to see them too :) He eats everything good! I probably shouldn't be eating these anyways LOL

Total Value: $15.56

The value of this box was over double the price that I paid for it. Once again, I am very happy with Goodies Co! I can't see any reason why I would unsubscribe any time soon :) If you want to sign up, I would get on the waiting list now! When I signed up a few months ago, I had to wait around 3 weeks to get my invite. 

Did you get Goodies Co this month? What was your favorite item?


  1. Oooh this snack box is cool! I do love me some consumables subscription boxes but haven't yet taken the plunge.

    1. If you decide to, definitely start with Goodies Co! They are really affordable and their boxes are always good :)

  2. I had never heard of Dream Water before, but it sounds pretty impressive. I'll have to keep a look out for it in stores.

    1. I usually buy mine on-line but I hear that they sell them at Wal-Mart too!

  3. There were thin seaweed strips in my June Love with Food box and it was gross. I almost couldn't get past the smell. maybe flavored seaweed crumbles are different though.


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