JackedPack April 2013 Review

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I got my JackedPack! I have received JackedPack before and I really liked the items that were in the last one that I received. Click here to see my past JackedPack reviews. For those of you who are not familiar with this monthly subscription box service, they send you fitness supplements every month based on the package that you decide to receive. They just started a new package called, "Custom XXL" so I just had to try it out! You can customize this package so I decided to go for pre workout package. 

Cost: $49.50/month

The other packages are the Heavyweight ($14.50/month) and the Custom pack ($29.50/month). 

Value: $5?

I couldn't really find a set price for this bag, but I thought that $5 was pretty fair. I use these types of bags all of the time, usually to hold my stuff when I go to the gym. I know that I'll find a good use for this. 

Value: $3.20
"NanoStim is a powerful super-concentrated nitric oxide stimulant that delivers superior muscle pumps for an incredible training experience." I tried these and they are what I like to call horse-pills. What I didn't like about them is that I had to take like 4-pills at a time. I don't really think that I will be able to give a good review off on only 5 uses because it is a muscle stimulant. It did have good reviews on Amazon though!

Value: $2

This is another type of muscle enhancer. For those of you who are curious, I am trying to lose weight and bulid my muscle at the same time. I'd rather have muscle tone than be skinny. I'm not trying to bulk up or anything like that though, just toning up :)

I actually received two of these trial packets but I had already used one of them before I took the picture :)

Value: $27.47

This was the full-sized item that I received in my pack. I have been using it since I first received the pack and I am so surprised and how good this stuff is. Seriously, I've never tried pre workout that tastes this good and actually works. I usually get a tolerance to pre workout pretty quickly and I have to start raising the amount that I use. This stuff almost tastes like juice, I love it. 

Value: $1.83

This stuff looks really good. I bet that it would taste awesome in a protein shake or even some pancakes! I've never tried whey powder but I have always wanted to try it. 

Value: $1.88

This is a night time sleep and recovery aid. I'm thinking that it's supposed to be like a pill that helps your muscles feel not as sore in the mornings. I'll definitely have to try this out when I start Crossfit again. 

Value: $3.12

Value: $2

Value: $1

Total Value: $47.50

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