Target Beauty Box Review June 2013 First Box

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I was lucky enough to have gotten a spot to get the Beauty Box by Target! A lot of people wanted this box but it sold out pretty quickly. Target wanted this box to be a trial run and see if people would be interested in  a monthly beauty box from them.

Hopefully they will come out with a second box soon because I know that a lot of people wanted to try this box out. I bought my box on April 30th and it took almost 2 months to get here. I actually completely forgot that I had even bought it until somebody asked me if I had heard of it. I contacted Target about this box and they said that they weren't expecting such a high demand so it took quite a bit longer to ship out. 

Cost: $5

I love that this box only cost me $5. That is totally reasonable for me, I needed a good box that was around $5 to make up for my 28 Day Hug box that was cancelled. Target hasn't announced if they are going to turn this into a monthly subscription yet or not but I think that with the high demand, they should definitely consider it. 

Coupon for $3 off of a $15 beauty purchase at Target

This coupon says that it is supposed to expire on the 22nd. I checked out their Facebook page though and I saw a post saying that the coupon was going to be extended into July because a lot of people received their boxes late, like me. I actually don't buy a lot of makeup from Target anymore. I need to stop buying makeup actually LOL I have enough in my makeup bags, but it's so hard to not want to buy everything! I'll have to go around at Target and see if I need anything. 

Value: $8.97

Yay!! This is my favorite razor ever. I love the Venus & Olay because they make my legs so smooth and I don't have to buy shaving cream! The bars on the top and the bottom moisturize my legs so that I don't cut them and my legs aren't super dry after I shave. The only drawback that I have with these razors is that the cartridges are so expensive. Now I don't have to buying my replacements for a little while!

Value: $4.28

I have a few packages of these salon effect nails laying around but I still haven't used them. I love all of the designs that they come in but I've heard mixed reviews on them too. Some people say they love them while others say they don't care for them. I'll just have to try them out for myself!

Value: $0.23

I've never actually tried BB cream before but a lot of you beauty bloggers out there rave about it! I'm excited to try this out. If I like it I may have to use my coupon to buy a bigger bottle. 

Value: $7.10

This product got a lot of good reviews on Amazon so I'm excited to try it out! It's supposed to hydrate, sleek and shine your hair. 

Value: $4.60

This is a small sample of acne treatment. I don't have too much acne anymore but this would be good to leave around when I do happen to have a break-out. 

Total Value: $25.18

I'd say that this box was totally worth the $5 that I paid. I really hope that Target turns this into a subscription box because I'd be one of the first people to sign up!

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Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this box. All opinions are my own and this post includes referral links. 


  1. I think Target did good with their first box, especially with the price!

    1. I agree! I'd love to get the next one that they are planning too :)

  2. This box looks amazing! If they continue to make the boxes, I will definitely subscribe to it! Great review lovely. (: x

    1. I loved this box! Hopefully they turn it into a monthly box :)

  3. Wow, such a good coupon and such a great box! Really good - wish I had one like that!

  4. OMG, only $5?! I'm a huge fan of Target I really hope they continue this!! I would totally sign up. I'm always spending too much at Target, these boxes sound amazing!

    Thanks for sharing this! Love your blog too, thanks for the comment on mine. Following you now!

    Much love, Aman xx

  5. Omgosh the box looks absolutely amazing! If the price and quality of these boxes stay the same, I will most definitely subscribe! Thanks for showing us what you got Erica!

    1. You're welcome! This box was totally worth it

  6. This is such a great idea! xx
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, let me know if you want to follow each other :)

  7. Wow, that box is amazing! I hope they start a monthly subscription program!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  8. love this! :))


  9. Oh wow, what an amazing box for how much you paid! I love everything you got, especially that razor! xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  10. I LOVE Target and for $5 this is a box I'd defiantly consider trying out if they decide to proceed with it. Thanks for sharing your goodies with us!

  11. Wow you've got some really lovely things from that box!

    Christina xx


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