Cara Box Exchange August 2013

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I did my very first Cara Box Exchange this month! I had never heard about a Cara Box until July, so I decided to sign up for August and see what happens. 

What is Cara Box? It's a great way for you to meet people, get to know them and send them fun gifts! Click here if you want to find out more about Cara Box or how to sign up for September's exchange.

The theme for this month was, Season's of Life. I was fortunate enough to have met Jennifer from The Beautiful Little Fools! She put together a box for me and we got to know each other quite well over the past month. She is such a sweet girl and I loved getting to know her better!

Here's a picture of the things that Jennifer sent me :) With the package, she sent me a really sweet letter. It as really obvious that she put a lot of thought in the things that she got me! She got me a makeup bag (which is super adorable) , a pink striped pen (for school) , a necklace, Body Butter and 2 doggie biscuits for my pups. I loved everything that she sent me and my puppies loved their treats too! 

We were picked to be together because we are both in the same age group. We learned a lot of great things about each other and I'm really glad that I got to meet Jennifer! :)

I also sent a package out to somebody. I was hoping that I would have heard something from her by now because I sent her package almost 2 weeks ago...

Overall though, I really loved participating in the Cara Box Exchange! I loved getting to know Jennifer and I can't wait for next month's exchange! Click the button below if you want to find out more about Cara Box or sign  up for the next exchange. Sign up should start tomorrow, September 1st!

Cara Box


  1. Awesome box! This was my first month doing Cara Box, and I loved my experience.

  2. Cara box looks fun!

  3. Oh no! I feel terrible! I thought I sent you an email when I got the box, but apparently I saved it to drafts instead of hitting send! I am SO sorry! :( I wrote a post about your box...and I'm going to send you another email right now. Sorry!

  4. Cara Box looks fun!

  5. Just signed up for this. What a great new twist on pen pals!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. That looks so cool! I have been hearing about this, but I thought it was just another subscription service! I didnt know you were actually exchanging gifts with other people! How fun!!

  7. I'd never heard of this, but it looks like a lovely idea. I'm so glad you made a wonderful connection. How neat!

    Unpack the Box

  8. This sounds really interesting. I loved having pen pals when I was younger. I checked out the website and it sounds neat. I'll have to add it to my list of things to try out!


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