Who am I?

I'd choose tennis shoes over heels any day.
I'd throw my hair in a ponytail before I spent an hour curling my hair.
I'd buy new gym shorts before a new mini skirt. 
You'd always catch me wearing a t-shirt and shorts if you ever saw me in public.
I'd rather hang out with my friends at the gym than the mall.
And yet...
I still know how to clean up nicely :)


  1. Hola! me ha gustado mucho tu entrada y tambien tu blog!! me pasaré por aquí más a menudo para estar al tanto de tus publicaciones ^^ Un besazo corazón!


  2. cool !
    follow each other?

  3. I agree with you! and life is more fun that way! I noticed this summer so many ppl wearing skirts and dresses all over the place, though. That isn't for me for all the time! and it is a cute picture!


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