Goodies Co September 2013 Review

I'm a little late on this review but I was really happy to see that my Goodies Co box came in!! I've been getting Goodies Co for quite some time now and they never seem to disappoint me. If you aren't familiar with Goodies Co, it's monthly food subscription box. They send 5-8 different snacks each month!

Cost: $7/month

I almost never drink bottled water, I lived in the country until just recently so I always drank well water. To me, Nestle water tastes like city water and I don't really like city water that much. I'm not a fan of flavored water either. I'll probably give this to D because he likes just about anything! 

I love apple chips! To me, they taste better than regular chips.Fuji apples are one of my favorite types of apples because they're so naturally sweet. The apple chips are so crispy and good! I loved getting these in my box!

Surprisingly, I've never tried anything by Kashi before. I see a lot of their cereals at the grocery store but I've never tried any of them before. I ripped open this bag right away and loved them, they tasted so good. Although, they did remind me a lot of those Special K cracker chips. Do you guys know which ones I'm talking about? I loved the flavor of these. 

Gimbal's Licorice Scottie Dogs ($2)

Now I know how much a lot of people hate the taste of black licorice. My dad has eaten black licorice for as long as I can remember so I always ate it with him, I love black licorice. They are so cute too because the pieces are all shaped like little scottie dogs!

Attiki Honey ($0.50)

The only time that I ever use honey is when I add some to my cup of tea. I'm pretty positive that's what this little pot of used for because it's the perfect amount of honey to add to some tea!

Please tell me, how gross does broccoli cilantro tea sound? I mean, I'm used to the fruity teas and your normal Earl Gray. I have to try this before I can say anything really bad about it because I haven't tried it yet but it's just such a strange flavor of tea to me!

I have gotten so many Zone Perfect protein bars lately. Surprisingly, they actually taste really good! This particular flavor was kind of crunchy, like a Nestle Crunch bar. The greek yogurt covering chocolate was delicious. I don't usually like protein bars but this one tasted really, really good. 

Total Value: $8.12

Once again, I loved this month's Goodies Co box! They always send such great items and $7 is totally worth it. If you're thinking about signing up, I'd do it now! I hear that they have a waiting list. 

Disclaimer: I bought this box with my own money and all opinions are my own. 


  1. Little dog shaped black licorice sound awesome! And broccoli cilantro tea sounds nasty. Hope you try it anyway and share what it tastes like.

  2. Broccoli Cilantro does taste gross. I got Fennel Spice, I been real hesitant on trying it [this also explains why there isn't a review for the box yet]

    Yeah, I know which Special K you are referring too. I was thinking about something similar when I ate it. But boy, do I love the Kashi flavor. My mind was blown when I had it :P

  3. Thanks for sharing your review. I was iffy on trying the goodie box before but appreciate your review and comments so I'll give it a try now.

    The Scottie Dogs Licorice sounds tasty. I love black licorice. It's an acquired taste, though, and either you love it or hate it. There is one member of each generation in my family who loves it so there's always someone to share Good N Plenty with. Fennel tastes like black licorice so a Fennel Spice tea should taste pretty good. And the honey would be perfect in it.

    The Broccoli Cilantro Tea sounded gross at first (and second and third) but I looked at it again and thought, well, maybe it's more like a veggie broth since it is a savory tea and not a sweet tea. So it might be nice to sip if you're feeling under the weather and not up to eating solid foods but bored with sweet, fruity teas. I'd give it a try in that situation. And maybe, if you have a head cold, it won't taste too bad. :)

    I haven't had the Kashi hummus crackers but really want to try them. I have loved everything I've ever had from Kashi except for one frozen pasta dinner that tasted too healthy and not flavorful enough. Like, I knew it was good for me but I didn't enjoy the taste or texture. It tasted barely edible. I'm addicted to the Kashi Pumpkin Spice Granola Bars. I could eat a box of those a day (but won't.) I hope they are a permanent flavor and not just a seasonal thing. It would break my heart if they weren't on the market year round.

    The apple chips sound good although I'd prefer Granny Smith apples. There's something about those tart green apples that I can really sink my teeth in. I've always loved them. But the Fuji would be good to try, as well.

    I'm not a big fan of Lemon and I agree with you that Nestle tastes like any city tap water so I'd probably pass that on to a friend or family member who liked Lemon.

    I could give or take the Zone Perfect Greek Chocolate Yogurt Protein Bar. I like that it is a quick and nutritious way of getting healthy and lean protein on the go instead of stopping at a fast food joint for a burger. I always keep healthy snacks in my purse wherever I go so it would be perfect for that. But I'm not a huge fan of chocolate. I know, it's completely unAmerican to feel that way but I prefer buttery sweets like yellow cake and cheesecake over chocolate.

    All in all, though, it looks like this month was a great variety of products and some interesting concepts. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  4. Oh, I forgot. I'm going to sign up for them and would like to use you as a reference if they have a program like that where you could get free products or money offer your subscription for referring newbies to their site. Let me know if there is and I'll send you my contact info so you can get credit for the referral. Thanks.

    1. They used to have a program like that, I'm not sure about what happened to it though!


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