Groupon Midsummer Mystery Gift Review

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A couple of weeks ago, I found out that Groupon was doing a mystery deal. For $10 (plus a little bit for shipping) they send you a a mystery gift. It could have been a pair of sunglasses, a hat, a toaster, water bottle or various other things. A couple of lucky participants even got a laptop or a nice looking watch. I decided to go ahead and buy this deal, hoping that I would get a TV :) When I saw my package sitting in my mailbox, I knew right away that I didn't get the laptop or TV. 

Instead, I got this. It's a LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer. I'm not going to lie, I was really, really disappointed with what I got. I mean, what am I supposed to do with this? For one, I'm not trying to quit smoking. For two, I've never, ever been a smoker in my life. I have no use for this so I'm probably going to sell it for cheap. It is worth quite a bit though, I found it on Amazon for $56. 

Now if I was a smoker and I wanted to quit, then I probably would have been more than excited to receive it. It's supposed to keep track of all the cigarettes that you have over a couple of weeks and gradually help you quit. So if you are trying to quit smoking, then you might want to look into trying this out. 

I did contact Groupon about this about this and they didn't help me out too much. They don't accept returns on this mystery deal. I don't understand why they would even include this item as one of their mystery deals? There was a very high chance that a non-smoker was going to get it and they would have no use for it, like me. The only thing that I can do with it is sell it. So if you're looking to quit smoking and want to try this out, click here to email me and I'd be happy to sell it to you for less than Amazon is asking!

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money, this post includes referral links. 


  1. Such a bummer! Exactly why I'm always afraid of surprises :(

  2. Oh, no!! Seriously?!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. That is pretty disappointing, but not really surprising that Groupon customer service would do nothing for you.

  4. That stinks!!! Do a giveaway and help someone quit!! :) But that is a terrible mystery gift!

  5. I received a I phone armband , and I don't have an iPhone! !

    1. I will definitely not be purchasing their mystery giveaways again. Too many irrelevant items!

  6. This Groupon mystery thing sounds exciting. I wish I had known about it. I would have been bummed with the item you received though too. Maybe enough people will complain and they will learn from their mistakes.


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