Makr Box September 2013 Review

You guys know how much I love my small business/homemade products, right? Well last month I found a discount code for Makr Box so I just had to take the plunge and order it! Here's the description that I found on their website, "Every month we find awesome, handcrafted, design-forward products and pack 2-3 of them in a box."

Cost: $29/month + shipping

I can't get enough of handcrafted products. I'm that person who would be willing to pay a couple of extra dollars for a bracelet that was made by women in a village in Haiti if it meant that I was directly supporting their cause. I just can't help it! I like to be proud of the products in my house and tell people the story behind things, not that I bought something from a big name company that was made by a robot in a manufacturing plant. That's why I thought I would try Makr Box and see what I got!

If there's one thing that my Dad and I have in common, it's that we both love homemade jam and jellies. I've never heard of Big Spoon before but I can already tell that I am going to love it. I tried a little bit of it on toast and it tasted amazing! It was so much better than your big name grocery store brand jellies. I would absolutely buy some more for my family!

Plus, look at the ingredients! I see 6 total ingredients, that lets me know that I am feeding my family the right things. 

I couldn't wait to see what was inside this package! 

I used to make pottery back in the day and I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them. The bright colors on the inside looks amazing next to the white paint on the outside. They remind me of the little shooters that you would drink sake out of LOL. The card that they came with recommends that you put tea or salt inside of them. I might put some sea salt in them and set them next to my stove. Do you know how amazing sea salt tastes with hot chocolate? Anyways, I loved my thimble cups!

Total Value of the Box: $36

Wow, the items could not have been been better for me. I love jelly and I love pottery. I have got to say, I love Makr Box! They send amazing, high quality products that are definitely worth the amount that I paid!

Disclaimer: I paid for this box with my own money but all opinions are my own. 


  1. I can't decide which I like more - the cups or the jam. Wild Forest Blackberries sounds so delish!

    Unpack the Box

    1. I couldn't decide either! They're both so good :)

  2. Interesting!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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