Coco Rocha Fancy Box February 2014 Review + Coupon Code!

I am a HUGE fan of all the  , but my all time favorite is the Coco Rocha Fancy BoxFancy Boxes are a little bit more expensive than what I like to pay but once I get my box, I am never disappointed. Fancy has so many different curators now; Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Love Hewitt, P!nk, Tyler Florence and so much more! Each curated box has a different theme to it. The Coco Rocha Fancy Box is all about fashion so how could I resist?

Cost: $39/month

Coupon Code: "FOLLOWUP10" for 10% off your next subscription

From the looks of it, this month's box was pretty empty. Don't let that fool you though because the value is always worth it!

They're still doing the individual description cards that I love. On the back, each card is a description of why Coco Rocha chose each item for this month's box. 

Sweet Love by Kusmi Tea

Sweet Love by Kusmi Tea ($20)

 I know that there aren't a lot of people who are crazy about tea but this stuff is really good. I used to hate tea until I tried some from a subscription box and I've loved it ever since. This particular flavor is great too. I'm glad that it came with a lot of sachets because I love it!

Echo Sparkle Fingerless Gloves

Echo Fingerless Gloves ($35)

These come in so many different color, I got the black ones but I really liked the pink ones that they had. These look great with a white long sleeve shirt, I'd wear them all the time!

Bag Light

Bag Light ($12)

I was surprised at how bright this light gets. It'd be great for people with big bags (like me) and they can't find their keys in the dark. It will definitely be attached to my purse ASAP. 

Morning Mug

Morning Mug ($15)

This mug is absolutely adorable. It's a heat activated mug that changes faces when you add in hot liquids. I actually used it with the tea that I got in my box. It's a bit smaller than my normal coffee mugs though so I would only use it for my tea. 

Total Value: $82

Would you like to sign up for any of the Fancy Boxes? Which one would you get? Don't forget that you can use the coupon code "FOLLOWUP10"


  1. That bag light is super neat!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I love the fancy boxes - I'm thinking of the Kelly Rowland one. I wish they still had P!nk because I'm sure that would be a fun one!


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