Small Businesses/Etsy Stores That I Love

Since I am always talking about how much I love and support small businesses and I finally decided to dedicate a page to them. I want this page to include all of the products from small businesses and Etsy Stores that I have featured and want to tell you guys about!

Clothing and Accessories

Runbandz: Runbandz are handmade headbands made of spandex. They are great to wear to work, to the gym, at home and out with your friends. I wear my Runbandz everywhere! I had the hardest time finding headbands like these because all of the ones that I found would slip off of my head while I exercising. These stay on my head perfectly. Click here to see my in-depth review on Runbandz. 

Do you have an Etsy Store or Small business? E-mail me and let me know about it! I'd love to check it out :)


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