28 Day Hug January 2013 Review

Hey Everyone!

I just signed up for a brand new monthly subscription box, and I got my very first box today.

This monthly subscription is called 28 Day Hug. It is a monthly subscription for girls and women during their monthly menstrual cycle. It's more of a box with treats to help put you in a better mood. The price is $5.98 a month. 

Here is everything that came in my order, I love the pretty purple tissue paper that it comes in. 

Mighty Leaf tea bags in the flavor "White Orchard." I have tried Might Leaf teas before (not this flavor though) and I thought that they were really good. 
Retail Value: $2.01

UPDATE: This was probably one of my favorite tea flavors from Mighty Leaf. I liked it so much because it had its own natural sweetness to it. Not a lot of sweet flavor, but more than most other types of tea. I would definitely buy more of this. 

Pure Matters green tea extract vitamins.
Retail Value: $1

 Aromatherapaes spa bath in the scent "Lavender & Rose Hips"
Retail Value: $2.73

Alter Eco mini dark velvet organic chocolate
Retail Value: $.50

UPDATE: This chocolate bar tastes so good! I don't even like dark chocolate that much and I thought this tasted delicious. I loved how it was organic and gluten free as well. Eating it didn't make me guilty about cheating on my diet :) I need to find more of these!

Total value of the box: $6.24

I think that this box is a very nice, cheap box that just about anybody could get. After I had made my first purchase, the company got my order out and in my mailbox in 4 days. Anybody who is new to subscription boxes should definitely check this one out!

Don't forget to check back into my posts, I always update them whenever I use products and let everybody know what I thought of them. Also, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter! I will put all of the links below. 


P.S. 28 Day Hug did not contact me in any way to do this review, nor did they pay me to do it. I made this review through my free will. 


  1. I love this box! POF means I don't get monthly cycle any more and this almost makes me want one! LOL Maybe I'll sign up anyway. Great review! I love that you update after you try the items.


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