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Goodies Company Subscription Box February 2013 Review

Hey Everyone!

I just got my very first Goodies Co. subscription box for February 2013.

This box only cost $7 a month so I figured it was worth a try! The Goodies Co. is actually a part of the Wal-Mart company. Each box features 5-8 products. 

I can't wait to try out all of these new products! 

Wai Lana Fruit & Nut Bar in "Tropical Macadamia" Retail Value: $2.99

Plentils Lentil Chips in "Dill & Sour Cream" Retail Value: $.50
UPDATE:These were definitely different tasting. They were like puffed up chips. I thought that the taste was a little bit bland, but still good at the same time. I could taste more vinegar than sour cream in this flavor though. I would buy another bag if it meant that they were healthy for me!

Chips Ahoy Cookie's with Reese's  Retail Value: $1.87
UPDATE: I can't even remember the last time that I had a Chips Ahoy cookie. I've tried cutting out all overly-processed foods in my diet. I did still try these and they weren't too …

Graze Food Box February 2013- Box 4

Hey Everybody!

I just received my 4th Graze box! Graze only costs $5 every other week and you receive 4 healthy snacks based on what you like.

I received the "Lightbox" for this week.
"Very Nori-Ish" with Japanese rice crackers and nori seaweed.
UPDATE:These were a tad bit spicy. Not like an over powering spicy though. It was just the right amount of spice for me. I thought that these tasted pretty good. 

"Poached Pear with Vanilla" with pears, vanilla pumpkin seeds and lemon raisins.
UPDATE:I'm not usually huge on pears, but I was very surprised at how much I liked this mixture. I thought that it was really good. My favorite thing in the package was probably the vanilla pumpkin seeds, they were SO good!

"Shangri-La" with lingonberries, pineapples, almond slices and pumpkin seeds.
UPDATE:This was a little bit too bland for my taste. The only thing with much flavor in it was the pineapple. I requested not to get this again in my box.

"Date & …

Standard Cocoa Subscription Box February 2013 Review

Hey Everybody!

I just got my very first Standard Cocoa box today. Cost: $27.50/month

Every month, Standard Cocoa features a select craft chocolate maker. They select 3 bars of chocolate and send them out once a month from the featured chocolate maker.

This month's featured chocolate maker was Fresco Chocolate.

#219 Papua New Guinea Chocolate  Retail Value: $8

#214 Madagascar Chocolate Retail Value: $7
UPDATE: This chocolate was a little bit too dark for me. When it's too dark, it tastes more like baking cocoa to me. I didn't like it that much. 

#223 Dominican Republic Chocolate Retail Value: $8
UPDATE:This was the very first chocolate bar that I tasted out of this bunch. The wrapper says that the best way to eat it is to just let it melt in your mouth, so I did that. For spending almost $10 a chocolate bar, I was really hoping that the chocolate would taste absolutely amazing. I was a little bit disappointed. It's not that the bar tasted bad, it just didn't taste amazing. I ha…

Bulu Fitness Box February 2013

Hey Everybody!

I just got my second Bulu Box in the mail the other day. If you use my link you get your very first box for free!

The cost is $10 a month and you receive 4-5 products including: vitamins, weight loss, energy, protein, digestion, sleep support and more.

Eruption Dietary Supplement in the flavor "Magmaberry" Retail Value: $1

Neo Carb Bloc Capsules Retail Value: $2.92

C3 Stress Drink in the Flavor "Lemon Lime" Retail Value: $2.59

Redd Remedies Adult Sinus Support Retail Value: $.70

BioCell Collagen Capsules Retail Value: $.66
Total Value of the Box: $7.87
Don't forget to check back in my blog posts, I always update them as I use the products to let you all know how well I liked each product! Also, don't forget to use my referral link so that you can get your first box for free!
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Doggyloot Haul February 2013

Hey Everyone!

I just received my very first Doggyloot haul! Doggyloot is a website that has flash sales for dogs everyday. All of the items on Doggyloot are up to 75% off. With the two big dogs that I have, every little bit helps! If you use my link for Doggyloot, you automatically get a $5 credit for your first purchase :)

LM Farms Pig Knuckle Bones ($20) I paid: $11 My dogs love all types of bones. I know that some people might think that these are gross, but my puppies seriously go nuts for these things! 

Tuff Enuff Rhino I paid: $12.99 This was actually the "Toy-of-the-Month" for large dogs.

Pet Qwerks Wig Wag Balls ($26) I paid: $13 You can put treats inside of these toys!

Mighty Dog Toys Pink Dragonfly ($34) I paid: $18 This is supposed to be the perfect toy for tugging and pulling on, so I am hoping that my puppies won't rip it up in a week. 
That was everything that I received in this haul for Doggyloot.  My dogs are already playing with their toys and loving them! Don'…

KlutchClub Fitness Box February 2013

Hey Everyone!

I look forward to getting my KlutchClub Box every month, I was so excited when I saw it sitting in my mail box the other day! They never disappoint me!

KlutchClub costs $18 (or less) a month and each box has over $50 worth of items. 

I am a huge fan of the box the KlutchClub comes in, you can pull all of the items out without making a mess of everything.

Allergease Lozenges in the flavor "Honey Lemon" Retail Value: $5.99
UPDATE: These lozenges tasted really good. They had a hint of menthol in them, but not a whole lot to where they were overpowering. I would buy more of these, definitely. They relieved my throat when it was sore for a little while. 

Immuno Gum in "Mixed Berry"  Retail Value: $3.49
UPDATE:The taste of this gum is pretty good, I just wish that it lasted more than 5 minutes. I'm sure that it is very healthy for you, but when I buy gum, I usually expect it to last pretty long.

VitaPerk Drink Mixes in the Flavors "Hazelnut," "Moch…

Bestowed Box February 2013 Review

Hey Everybody!
I just got my very first Bestowed Box, I was not sure about what to expect but I was really excited to find out!

Bestowed costs $19 a month.

You are guaranteed to get 5 or more healthy snacks.

Simply Snackin Jerky Sticks. One in the flavor "Teriyaki Dried Chicken Breast with Mangoes & Papayas" and the other in the flavor "Dried Beef Sirloin with Apples & Cherries" Retail Value: $2.88

UPDATE:I tried the "Dried Beef Sirloin with Apples & Cherries" today. It tasted AMAZING. I love beef jerky but I have not had any in a long time. These slices were the perfect size to fulfill my craving, and they were healthy. Both flavors were very good but I think that I liked the beef one better. I will definitely be buying more of these for myself!

22 Days Protein Bar in the Flavor "PB+Chocolate Chip Nirvana" Retail Value: $2.99
I am really hoping that this bar tastes amazing. I have been searching for a good protein bar for awhile now. This …