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Ipsy My Glam Bag February 2014 Review

I was extra excited about my Ipsy bag this month because I had redeemed some of my Ipsy points and I was excited to get them! I started getting Ipsy over a year again, in November 2012 and I've loved it ever since. They always have high quality beauty items for an affordable price. They used to send out the same items to everyone each month but now they've gone to curating the bags to the things that you like and don't like. 

Cost: $10/month
This month's theme was "The Look of Love".

Beauty Blender ($1.64)
I've heard amazing things about the beauty blender, I'm surprised that I haven't gotten it in a subscription box before. The beauty blender is supposed to blend in your liquid foundation and creams (like bb cream). From all the reviews that I've seen, it's amazing. The little bottle is a sample of cleaning solution. I hear that it's not necessary to clean the blender though, you can use water too. 

KISS Nail Art Starter Kit ($10)
I've …

Fabletics February 2014 Review + 50% Off Coupon!

My Fabletics package came in the mail today and I was so excited to see it sitting in my mailbox!! I've been waiting for the new collection to come out since I got last month's package. I've been wearing the clothes that I got last month every week and they are incredibly comfortable. I love their service because there are TONS of different collections to choose from and if you don't like anything, you can always skip a month. PLUS, celebrity Kate Hudson is one of the cofounders and I just love her :) 
So this month, I chose a collection called "Sashay". It feature 3 different items; shorts, a t-shirt and a sports bra. I could have chosen the purple and black collection or the peach and white collection. I chose to mix things up a bit this month and got the purple and black collection.

Cost: $50/month
Click here to get 50% off your first outfit! (It'll take the discount off at checkout)
I mainly chose this collection for the sports bra. I love the design and …

Coco Rocha Fancy Box February 2014 Review + Coupon Code!

I am a HUGE fan of all the , but my all time favorite is the Coco Rocha Fancy BoxFancy Boxes are a little bit more expensive than what I like to pay but once I get my box, I am never disappointed. Fancy has so many different curators now; Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Love Hewitt, P!nk, Tyler Florence and so much more! Each curated box has a different theme to it. The Coco Rocha Fancy Box is all about fashion so how could I resist?

Cost: $39/month
Coupon Code: "FOLLOWUP10" for 10% off your next subscription
From the looks of it, this month's box was pretty empty. Don't let that fool you though because the value is always worth it!

They're still doing the individual description cards that I love. On the back, each card is a description of why Coco Rocha chose each item for this month's box. 

Sweet Love by Kusmi Tea ($20)
 I know that there aren't a lot of people who are crazy about tea but this stuff is really good. I used to hate tea until I tried some from a subs…

Diamond Candles vs Prize Candles

This week I'm trying a different type of post! Since I love subscription boxes, that means that I love surprises. So, of course I would love to try out surprise candles! I wanted to see which type of ring candle was better, Diamond Candle or Prize Candle

I got both candles in 2 different scents, Prize Candle was Blue Cypress and Diamond Candle was Be Mine (smells like wild berries, amber and roses). Each of the candles cost $25 a piece. Although, Prize Candle offers $10 your first purchase and Diamond Candle offers free shipping on orders $45 or more. 

Inside both companies candles, there is a ring worth $10-$5,000. 

First, the shipping. I ordered both candles the same night, within 15 minutes of each other. Prize Candle came 2 days before Diamond Candle did. My Prize Candle came pretty dirty though, I had to clean off the glass container because in had candle wax all over the sides. My Diamond Candle came in perfect condition though. 

Both candles had a sticker on the side, marking…

Julep Maven Box February 2014 Review + Free First Box!

My Julep Maven box came in last week! I'm loving their different boxes each month and this one is perfect for Valentine's Day! Julep Maven is a monthly nail subscription service but lately they've been going into different types of make-up too. One month I got some eyeshadow, another month I got lipstick and lots of other stuff too. Thanks to Julep Maven, I have more nail polish than I know what to do with!

Cost: $19.99/month
Coupon Code: Use "FREEBOX" to get your first box for free!
This month's theme was "The Dramatic Collection". Back when I took the initial quiz to figure out my style, I got "Boho Glam". Before you get your box, you can change your style if you don't like the colors in the box. This month I chose the "Bombshell" box instead of the "Boho Glam" box. You can even skip a month at any time if you don't like any of the colors. 

Diamond Theory ($14)
I think that Julep Maven added in an extra color this …