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KlutchClub March 2013 Review

Hey Everybody!

I just got my KlutchKlub box for March 2013! This is one of my favorite monthly subscription boxes because the value of it is so much higher than what I pay. 

The KlutchClub box is so awesome. I love the whole set up of it and how you can pull it out.  Cost: $18/month (Use my referral link to get 50 KlutchClub bucks towards rewards!)

1 Month Free to Value: $9.95
I went on their website to figure out what this website it and apparently it is supposed to train your brain so that you are better at remembering things. 

Davidson's Organic Tea Value: $1.11

Fanghi Guam Cellulite Mask Value: ?
I truly have no idea what the value of this package is. The website was all in Italian! I am very anxious to see how this works though. It looks like a nice product. 

Cocoavia Dark Chocolate Packets Value: $12
I still have a few packets of this stuff lying around my house and I really need to try it out. You are supposed to mix it in with things like cereal and yogurt so that you can g…

FabFitFun Subscription Box Spring/March 2013 Review

Hey Everybody!

Ever since I heard that FabFitFun was launching, I have been anxiously waiting for my first box! With this box, you receive items from the beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness categories. This is a quarterly box though, so you only get one box every 4 months. 

Cost: $49.99 every 3 months.  The items in the box are premium and full-sized products worth over $100.

Think Thin High Protein Bar in "Creamy Peanut Butter" Value: $1.65
High protein bars are a good thing in my book! I did notice that the carbs were a little bit high compared to the grams of fiber in it though. Either way, I'll still try it! 

Jouer Lip Gloss in "Nude Glisten" Value: $5?
I'm probably being a little bit nice on that value because this is a pretty small tube of lip gloss. A regular size costs $20 but I couldn't find how much is in a regular tube of their lip gloss. Apparently this shade is a limited edition though! It looks more like a sheer sparkle color when you put it on. 

28 Day Hug Subscription Box March 2013 Review

Hey Everybody!

Just received my 28 Day Hug for March 2013 :)  Cost: $5.98/month

I am a little bit confused about 28 Day Hug right now. One of my YouTube subscribers brought it to my attention that 28 Day Hug was ending. A lot of the other girls who subscribe to this service received a note inside of their package saying that this month would be their last box. I even watched their unboxing videos and all of them showed the same note from 28 Day Hug. I received the March box too but I didn't receive that note. I even looked on their website and it didn't say anything about shutting down. I am so confused about this...

Newman's Own Organics Dark Chocolate Caramel Cups Value: $1.54
These look so yummy! I've heard that they are really good from other 28 Day Hug subscribers.

Mighty Leaf "Chocolate Mint Truffle" Tea Value: $1.98
UPDATE:I have never tried tea in this kind of flavor before. When I made it, the cup ended up looking like it had coffee in it without the creamer.…

Nature Box Subscription March 2013 Review

Hey Everyone!

I just received my very first Naturebox. With each Naturebox, you recieve 5 full-sized healthy snacks.

Cost: $19.95

"Granny Smith Apples"

"Sunshine Chips"

"Roasted Kettle Kernels"

"Toasted Cheddar Sesame Sticks"

"Honey Mesquite Almonds"
These look like really good, healthy snacks. I can't wait to try them all out and let you guys know how they tasted! 
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Disclosure: Nature Box did not contact or pay me to do this review in any way. 

Bestowed Subscription Box March 2013 Review

Hey Everyone!

I just received my second Bestowed Box! I love their packaging, it is so much more attractive than a boring brown box. With each Bestowed Box, you receive 5 or more healthy snacks a month. 

Cost: $19/month

Manitoba Hemp Hearts Value: $2.99
I've never tried these before but I have heard good things about them! Apparently they taste really good when you mix them in with salad, cereal or yogurt.

Nature's Earthly Choice Quinoa Lentil Soup Value: $3.83
I don't believe that I have ever had lentil soup before. But I do love that it's gluten free and 6 grams of protein is quite a bit for soup!
UPDATE:When I made this soup I had no idea what to expect from it. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was though. One of my favorite parts about this soup is that it has very limited ingredients. All of the ingredients are REAL too. Like peas, carrots, etc. There aren't any artificial flavors in it and the list of ingredients doesn't take up half  of the back side. I …

Conscious Box Subscription March 2013 Review

Hey Everybody!

I just received my second Conscious Box. With each box, you receive a variety of pure and natural products. 

Cost: $19.95/month

Every box comes with a cute little postcard. Value: $0.25

Two Degrees Bar in "Cherry Almond" Value: $2.22

Two Degrees Bar in "Chocolate Banana" Value: $2.22

Zarbee's All-Natural Cough Syrup in "Honey Lemon" Value: $0.50

Nektar Honey Crystals Value: $0.34

Agro Labs Wheatgrass Boost Drink Value: $3.33

Stash "Very Berry" Herbal Tea Value: $0.46