Cravebox Resolutions Box January 2013

Hello everybody!

Just yesterday I got my very first Cravebox. Cravebox is a little bit different than all the other subscription boxes that I receive. It is different because instead of being guaranteed a box, you enter a drawing to receive the box. When you enter the drawing, you take a survey and based on the answers that you give, you may or may not get the box. Each box has a different theme to it and they range from $10-$15 a box. I got the Resolution box and I was so excited to receive it! Let me show you what was inside.

This box was packed full of stuff! I could barely close it back shout after I opened it to look inside. 

Here is what the box looked liked when I opened it.

So many coupons for healthy foods! There are two $1 off coupons for SIMPLE bars, $.75 off tea, a FREE Weightwatchers SmartOnes frozen entree AND a FREE coupon for Wholly Guacamole. So excited to try the guacamole! 

UPDATE:I bought a pack of Wholly Guacamole the other day, I actually bought the 100 calorie packs of this brand. I ate it with some organic chips and it tasted really good. It was one of the better guacamole dips that I have tried. I did want to point something out though, a lot of people see 100 calories and think that it must be healthy for them. This was not healthy, the 100 calorie pack had 10 grams of fat in it and only 1 gram of protein. With healthy foods, you usually want to see a higher number for protein when there is that much fat in it. Protein helps make you feel fuller faster and it gives you more energy. The fat content was not a problem, I just wish that there had been more protein in the pack.  

A chip bag clip from Wholly Guacamole, sample pack of cocoa extract and wellness tea. I will be using all of these!

UPDATE: I tried the tea and I was not too impressed by it. I have had better tea before, so I will probably not be buying any more of this. I thought that it would give me a little energy boost in the afternoon because it contains caffeine, but it didn't. Not impressed. 

Timewise eye renewal cream from MaryKay and hair moisturizer from Pantene. I may give my mom the cream from MaryKay, I think it's supposed to get rid of lines around the eyes. I will definitely be using the hair product though. If you've seen my pictures before then you know how long my hair is. It takes a lot of hair products to keep it looking nice! 

Toasted Coconut bar by Perfectly Simple. I love the taste of coconut! So glad that this was in my box. 

UPDATE: I tried this bar today, right before I went to the gym. I liked that it had 10 grams of protein so I knew that it would give me energy to get through my work out, which it did. Honestly though, it really didn't taste that good. It actually had a taste that reminded me of flour. Which is weird because flour wasn't even listed as an ingredient. It wasn't the worst nutrition bar that I have ever had, but it wasn't my favorite either. I can't see myself buying these again. 

Four SunRype bars; 2 strawberrie, mango strawberry and summer berries. Yum!

Then these were the last 2 things in the box! 2 cans of 10 calorie sodas in A&W Rootbeer and 7UP. I'm interested in trying these, I don't usually like diet soda but these are a little bit different. 

So that was everything in my box! Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow me on Twitter! I will put all links below. 

Let me know if you decide to sign up for Cravebox and what you think of it!


Disclaimer: Cravebox did not contact me to do this review in any way.


  1. thanks for the honest comments - I'll be on the lookout for the SunRype bars! This Cravebox looks like a lot of fun!


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