KlutchClub Subscription Box January 2013 Review

Hey everyone!

I just got my KlutchClub box for January 2013. Cost of the box is $18/month. 

The theme of this box was "Healthy Weight Management"

Snikiddy eat your vegetables chips in the flavor "Sea Salt."
Retail Value: $.50

UPDATE: I have no idea what to compare these to. I have never had anything like them before. I did like the taste of them though. They weren't like your normal veggie chips at all. My favorite part about them was that they didn't have all of that excess salt on them. I don't add salt to anything because I don't like really salty foods. These were probably the healthiest veggie chips that I have ever had. I could see myself buying another bag of them.

FRS healthy slim chews in the flavor "Strawberry Melon"
Retail Value: $17.99

EAS lean 15 protein bar in the flavor "Chocolate Peanut Butter." 
Retail Value: $1.32

Gin-Gins chewy candy in the flavor "Original"
Retail Value: $2.90

UPDATE: I can't really decide if I like these or not. My very first thought of them was that they reminded me of toffee (I love toffee). Then they started to taste kind of hot, or spicy. I've had ginger before with my sushi and I didn't really like it all that much. I guess that it just reminded me of spicy toffee candy pieces. They were not my favorite. 

Bach rescue gum in the flavor "Orange & Elderflower."
Retail Value: $3.89

Scheckters Organic Energy Drink 
Retail Value: $2.20

Madecasse Chocolate's
Retail Value: $.16

UPDATE: In all honesty, these tasted really bad. It was way too much cocoa, it almost tasted like I was eating pure baking cocoa out of the tub. If you've ever baked with cocoa and tried it than you know how bad baking cocoa tastes. It had a very chalky taste to it, I couldn't eat the second one. 

TurboFire  Intense Cardio Conditioning Workout DVD "Greatest Hiits." 
Retail Value: $22.90

Total retail value of the box: $51.86

I love to get this box every month, it has so much value in it compared to the $18 that I pay. Don't forget to check back on my blog posts because I always update them and let you know how I liked the items in each box :)

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