Ipsy Make-Up Subscription Review January 2013

I was so excited to get my Ipsy subscription bag in the mail!

The bag was kind of simple this month. It was a plain black color and the inside print was blue with stars on it. It isn't my favorite Ipsy make-up bag, but I do wish that they would start doing some bright colors! All of my other bags from Ipsy have been dark colors as well. 

Concealer brush from London Soho New York

Hairspray by Big Sexy Hair. I wasn't too excited about receiving this product. I have tried this brand before and I just didn't like it. It did not have a natural look to me anyways. 

UPDATE: My opinion on this hairspray did not change at all. It takes too long to dry and my hair looks greasy after I put it on. It is way too hard, I only used a little bit of it and I couldn't even attempt to put a comb through it. 

Body butter by Pacifica in the Tuscan Blood Orange flavor. This scent is amazing!

UPDATE:  This body butter smells so good! It smells even better when you put it on. I thought that it did a pretty good job at making my skin soft. I absolutely love the smell though. If you go to their link above, they have a lot of other scents too. Their scents aren't your normal "Sweet Pea" or "Cherry Blossom." You can get a full size (8 oz.) for $15 on their website. 

Naltini nail lacquer in the color "Bloody Mary." Ipsy sent other nail polish in the bag from Nailtini a few months ago, both colors that I received were really pretty!

UPDATE: This is what the "Bloody Mary" looked like on my finger nails. It was pretty fast at drying, but it chipped kind of easily. It is a very pretty color though.

Josie Maran Argan Oil. This stuff is awesome! You can use it for so many different things. You can use it as a moisturizer, hair treatment, body moisturizer, nail treatment and even as bath oil. This small bottle will last me awhile though because a little drop of it is all that I need for one dose. PLUS, it's 100% organic.

UPDATE: As a moisturizer; I put this product on my face after I got out of the shower tonight. At first, I was really disappointed with it. My face felt greasy and I really didn't like it too much. I kept it on though, just to see what happened. After a little while, I noticed that the natural redness that my face has was gone. It took a little while for the greasiness to go away, but I really liked this product as a moisturizer. I wouldn't put this on if I was planning on putting makeup on right away though. Wait a few hours for makeup because it might become too messy. 

So once I try out all of my products in this bag, I will update the listing for you and let you know exactly what I thought of each product :) Don't forget to check back and see!


Disclaimer: Ipsy did not contact me to do this review in any way.


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