JackedPack January 2013 Review

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I've mentioned in other posts that I am trying to get back into shape. I have let myself go for too long, now I am ready to live a healthy life again. I was out on the search for a monthly subscription box that features healthy foods and things that will give me energy at the gym. I subscribed for a service called JackedPack. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I wanted to share it with you all.

JackedPack has 3 different types of subscriptions. A lightweight, heavyweight and a custom subscription.
Lightweight has 4-5 different products for $9.50 a month.
Heavyweight has 6-8 different products for $14.50 a month.
Custom pack is $24.50 a month. 

For this month, I bought the heavyweight pack. The company is having a deal for the month of January. You get this pack for free (plus $4.99 for shipping). Usually, shipping is free.

These are A-HD "Stimulant based testosterone powder in the flavor Blue Raspberry." I will not be using this product for myself. I was confused when I saw that it said "testosterone powder," so I looked at the back and it said that this product is not meant for women. I understand that most people who buy this box are probably men who are trying to get bigger. I don't understand why they would put this product in the box because women do still buy it too. 

Two Swole "Pre Wrek" pre-workout drink mix in the flavor green apple.

UPDATE: I tried this product today before I went to the gym. I followed all of the instructions and took it before I drove to the gym. The taste of it wasn't all that great. My boyfriend told me, "just chug it." So I did, he tried a little bit of it  too. If I ever got this product again, I probably wouldn't get the same flavor. I almost wanted to throw up after I finished my glass. The effects of it started to kick in as I was driving to the gym, I had so much energy and I really just wanted to start running it off. I'd say that the product itself works rather well, I ran 3 miles and then did some weights. It's just the whole getting it down part wasn't too fun for me. You can get a jug of this product on their website (just click the link above) for $54.99 (that's 50 servings). There is also another flavor called "Fruit Punch" (hopefully it tastes better than this one).

Two Cytomax sports performance drink mix packets in the flavors "pomegranate berry" and "tropical punch."

UPDATE: I tried the pomegranate berry flavor and it definitely tasted pretty good. You are supposed to drink it 15 minutes before a workout and a little bit during it. I didn't notice much of a difference in my performance though. 

One Jack3D super performance packet in the flavor "fruit punch"

UPDATE: This stuff is amazing. It got me through my Crossfit training, then I went to the gym and worked out some more. Plus, I had a full day ahead of me and I still had energy. This was definitely one of the better tasting pre-workouts that I have ever tried. 

Wodfuel dietary supplement in the flavor "lemon ice"

UPDATE: This stuff actually tasted fairly good. It started to kick in about 30 minutes after I took it and I could see a difference in my energy level. I didn't really feel like it made me perform any better though in my work outs, it just made me really hyper. 

Syntha-6 Isolate protein powder mix in the flavor "vanilla ice cream"

Well that was everything that was in my box. There was quite a lot of samples and I will be sure to let you all know how they taste and if they gave me the energy that I needed. I will probably give the testosterone mix to my boyfriend and let him tell me how it performed, then I will let all of you know! Thanks so much for reading and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and Twitter! I will post links below for everything. 


Disclaimer: JackedPack did not contact me to do this review in any way.


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