Julep December 2012 Review

I was so excited to get my very first Julep Subscription Box in the mail last night! I have read so many good reviews about Julep and I had to try it out. Julep is a monthly nail and nail care subscription box that costs $19.99 a month. The products in each box are worth around $40.  You take a style quiz when you sign up and based on your answers, they send you colors that match your style. My style turned out to be "Boho Glam."

"Boho Glam" is described as somebody who likes neutral colors but adds a bright color that pops out. I thought that described be pretty well, so I purchased the starter kit. 

Here is a picture of what I saw when I opened my box. 

Here are the items that I received in my started kit. The top item is a blue glitter pot, which came with instructions on how to use it. Then I on an essential cuticle oil product. I am supposed to put that on the outside of my nails daily to strengthen them. I also got two nail polish colors. One is called "Michelle" (the dark blue color) and the other is called "Toni" (the purple color). 

This is what "Michelle" looks like on my fingers. It is a dark blue color, in some lighting it looks black. I only put one coat of this on my fingernails and it looks pretty good. I don't usually wear dark color, but I still thought that this on was pretty. 

I liked this month's box a lot. I usually buy OPI colors from Sephora and they are $9.50 a bottle, so these are pretty fairly priced for what I received. I am a little iffy on whether or not I like the blue color, it looks beautiful in the bottle but when I put it on, it looks black. It's probably just the lighting in my house though right now. I will definitely be purchasing more boxes from Julep! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and YouTube! All Links will be below :)


Disclaimer: Julep did not contact me to do this review in any way.


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