KlutchClub Monthly Subscription Box December 2012 Review

Hey Guys!

A few days ago, I received my very first KlutchClub Monthly Subscription Box for December 2012.

This box was actually heavy! I knew that there was going to be tons of stuff inside of it. KlutchClub actually costs $8 a month, plus $8 in shipping and handling. So that would be $16 dollars each month, IF you buy the yearly subscription. 

This is the inside of the box, I love that you can pull out the box that all of the items are in! It's so handy and it keeps everything neat. 

Funky Monkey freeze dried fruit in flavor "Jivealime." Once I try out all of these products, I will come back into this post and update it to tell you all what I thought about it. I have already done that in some previous post's, so stay tuned and come back to check it out! I love freeze dried fruit though, so I hope these are good!

C. Booth Honey and Almond Body Butter. It smells so good!

2 Chic shampoo and conditioner with keratin and argan oil. By Giovanni Eco Chic Haircare. I am excited to try these out, my hair is so long and I go through hair products like crazy!

UPDATE: I really wanted to get the full effect out of these bottles. I vowed to not use any hair products in my hair, except these, until I used up all of the bottles. I did not put leave-in conditioner in my hair and I didn't even use hairspray. This shampoo and conditioner was AMAZING. It made my hair so soft, and it even stayed soft for a long period of time. They even smelled good. I wanted to point out that there is no artificial fragrance added to the formula. That amazing smell was all natural. You can get a full size (8.5oz) for $8.99 on their link that I provided above. 

SoyJoy bars in Cranberry and dark chocolate cherry flavor. I've never tried these but I have seen these around a lot, hopefully they are as good as I hear they are!

UPDATE:  I tried the dark chocolate cherry today after my workout. I did not like it at all. The bar was really dry and it left a chalky taste in my mouth. The little chocolate chips that were in it tasted like pure cocoa. Not the good cocoa that you make hot chocolate with either, it tasted like baking cocoa. Hopefully the cranberry flavor tastes better. 

Jaali Bean Lentil and Rice kit in the flavor "Creamy Coconut." It makes 4 servings so there will definitely be enough for more than one meal!

This is a really small package of Lush Nuts, "Dark Cocoa Chili." Whenever I am trying to get into shape, I always eat a lot of nuts because they have so much protein. These look good though. 

UPDATE: I like spicy foods and all, but I really did not like the spicy taste that these nuts had. I've just never been into the "sweet & spicy" taste. If you like sweet and spicy foods, then these are probably perfect for you. These just weren't for me. They would have tasted really good if they didn't have the chili in them. 

Can of Zevia Cola plus a $1 off coupon of a 6 pack. I've seen this around but never tried it before either. 

This is a berry plus laundry detergent. It looks so cute! You are supposed to use one vial with each load of laundry that you do. 

KT Tape, I think that it is supposed to help you not strain your muscles while you are working out. I will try it out in the gym one day and let you all know how it works out. 

Last things in the box were all of these coupons/cards and the product list from KlutchClub.

I thought that this box was so good! Seriously, so much stuff in this box. It was filled with stuff to become a healthier you. Loved it! I will post another link for this box at the bottom of this post and after I try the products myself, I will update each item and let you know what I thought about them. Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel/subscribe to it and follow me on Twitter! All of those links will be below.

Did you get the KlutchClub? What did you think of it? Let me know if you decide to purchase it!


Disclaimer: KlutchClub did not contact me to do this review in any way.


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