KlutchClub Women's Fitness Best-Of Box Review

Hey Everybody!

I just got my KlutchClub's women's best-of box. The box is supposed to include all of their companies favorite items from previous boxes. The cost of the box is $17 plus $8 for shipping, so $25 in total. I actually received this box as a complimentary gift because KlutchClub accidentally made a mistake with my previous order. I made my order on December 30th, 5 minutes after I made my order I e-mailed them and asked to send me January's box instead of December's. They had already sent out my box for December by the time that they read my e-mail a few days later. It was right around the holiday season, so I am sure that they were swamped. Well anyways, they apologized for making the mistake and offered to send me their "Best-Of" box. It came a lot earlier than I was expecting it to! I thought that it wouldn't ship until the 15th, but it arrived on the 10th. The customer service was super friendly and I was very happy!

I love the box that KlutchClub comes in, it's always so heavy!

100% Natural Anatomy Naturals Mud Mask

UPDATE: Almost every Sunday, I put a cleansing mask on. I usually put my oatmeal and avocado mask on, but I substituted this one in instead. When I opened the small jar, it smelled a lot like spearmint (I love spearmint). I noticed that there had been some separation of the mask and the liquids, so I tried to mix them together again. When I started to put the mask on my face, it was very thick and I had a hard time trying to spread it on. I noticed that when I put the mask on, it didn't smell like spearmint anymore. It actually had a foul smell to it that I didn't really like. The spearmint smell and the foul smell took turns, I could smell both of them as I was putting it on. After I had put it on, I could mainly smell the spearmint. There was just enough mask in the tub for one application, and I had to dig my fingers in it as much as possible to have enough to cover my face. Once applied, it was a dark green/brown color while wet. Once it was dried, it turned into a lighter green/brown color. I had the mud mask on for about 45 minutes, because that is how long it took the mask to completely dry. After I took it off, I did notice that my skin was soft and it felt healthy. I checked out their website and noticed that a full-sized jar (4 oz) was $42. I didn't think that the mask was amazing or anything. It did just as good of a job as my regular mask does that I get for $10 at CVS. I liked the mask and everything, just not enough to spend that much on it. 

100 Calorie Health Warrior Chia Bar in the flavor "Acai Berry"

UPDATE: In all honesty, this bar has been one of the best nutrition bars that I have ever tasted. It tasted sweet yet I don't have to feel bad about eating it because it is only 100 calories (only 40 of those calories are fat calories). If I can find these in one of my local grocery stores, I would definitely buy myself a box. On the plus side too, this bar is 100% vegan. 

Truthfully, seaweed never looks appetizing but I eat it all the time on my sushi. I'm sure this will taste great. 

UPDATE:  I loved that this had such good, healthy qualities to it. The whole container was only 90 calories. It was really easy to make too. It didn't smell very appetizing when I made it, but it didn't taste too bad. I did end up throwing some of it away though because I just didn't like the texture that it had. I can't see myself buying another one just because the texture to the seaweed was not something that I am used to. It would have tasted really good if it hadn't been for that. 

Zoye vegetable oil. This would be great for cooking with! I will have to add it to one of my recipes. 

Truvia calorie-free sweetner; This would be great to add to my morning coffee. 

Pro-Wellness; This actually has a great taste, I have tried it before. Somehow though, this started to leak into my box. When I got it, a lot of the items in my box were sticky from it. I think it just got a little damaged during shipping.

UPDATE: This stuff tastes amazing. It reminded of the juice that I used to drink as a kid. I have had B12 injections before, this was different though because it was B12 in a bottle. B12 is supposed to give you that extra energy that you need to get through the day. To me, B12 doesn't do much as far as giving me extra energy. If B12 works for you though, I would highly recommend it because this stuff tastes SO good. 

Creamo shave cream; I can always use more shaving cream!

UPDATE: This shaving cream was awesome! It worked so much better than the shaving cream that I usually buy at the grocery store. I didn't even have to use that much to cover my legs. Plus, I don't have any cuts on my legs, at all. Not even in those hard to reach spots. I could definitely see myself buying more of this. 

Mighty Leaf; Three bags of tea in the flavors; earl grey, green tea tropical and chamomile citrus. These all seem like good flavors to have right before bed. They seem like they would be very relaxing.

UPDATE:  Today, I tried the "Organic Earl Grey" flavor. Honestly, I have never tasted tea in my life, not hot tea anyways. I've tried iced tea and I didn't really think that it was too great, but I still would drink it. I've just always been more of a lemonade or water kind of gal. I truly had no idea how to make this when I tried to, I had to Google it to find out because there wasn't any instructions on the back of the package. All it said was, "Brew for 4 minutes." I'm guessing that if you were a tea drinker, then you would know exactly what that meant. Well unfortunately, I didn't. I followed the instructions as best as I could, and I tried it. When I opened the package of tea, it smelled amazing. Seriously, I could just smell all of the herbs and it smelled SO good. I chose to drink this package today because I have had a stomach ache since I woke up and this particular flavor has caffeine in it, I was hoping that it would soothe my stomach and help me push through the day with a little bit of energy. The instructions that I found said that I could add sugar and milk to add flavor to the tea, I decided not to do that though because I wanted to get the full effect of my very first tea experience. Truly, this was not a bad flavor at all. It was a little bitter, but I'm pretty sure that's what all tea tastes like. I probably won't add sugar or milk to any of the other bags either because it tasted just fine without it. My first tea experience was a success and I thought that it was very good. It also helped soothe my stomach a bit. 

UPDATE: The flavor "Green Tea Tropical" tasted amazing. Definitely one of my new favorite flavors. I have not found any flavors that I didn't like from Mighty Tea yet though either. 

Health to go Acai berry energy bursts. Perfect for before I go to the gym!

Good Bites Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites, with 30 vitamins and minerals. 

UPDATE: So it says "bites" on the wrapper, I assumed that there was going to be little bite sized pieces in here. It was actually one bar, and it tasted AMAZING. I love peanut butter, and I love chocolate. It tasted like a much healthier version of a peanut butter cup. Seriously though, it definitely satisfied my craving for chocolate!

Go Nola blueberry granola. This would taste really good over yogurt. 

CoroMega, these are substitutions to pills for omega-3.

C3 lemon-lime flavored drink mix. There are 2 packets in there. 

Zenify drink. It is supposed to calm you down. 

UPDATE: Whenever I see nutritious drinks, right away, I usually assume that they are going to taste bad. This drink was definitely an exception to my assumption. Surprisingly, it tasted rather well. I thought that it had a little bit too much carbonation to it though. Other than that, Zenify tastes really good! 

Introduction to Molecular Gastronomy. I was a little bit confused as to what this is, but I am excited to try it out! There are some recipes in the book that was included to help me out. Once I try it, I will update you all!

UPDATE: This was the weirdest thing that I have ever tried to make. After trying to cook something with it, I still don't completely understand it. There was only one recipe that I could make with the ingredients that I was given, and it was the vinegar pearls. They were disgusting. I followed all of the instructions and it still tasted/looked gross. Plus, my house now smells like vinegar. I'm trying to air out my home because it smells so bad now.  

Last in the box was all of the coupons and cards.

There was so many items in this box! Once I try out the products, I will update each listing and let you know what I thought about them. KlutchClub is definitely one of my favorite boxes and I look forward to getting it every month. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter! I will provide all of the links below.

Did you get the KlutchClub Best-Of box? What did you think of it?



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