My Cotton Bunny Subscription Box January 2013 Review

Hey everybody!
I just wanted to start off with a picture of my nails that I did a few nights ago :) The design is a fun cheetah print with blue/grey base coat and the design is white. Just a fun way to start my post!

Last night I got my very first My Cotton Bunny subscription box. The box is fairly new, as it's only been running for a few months now. The box costs $13.75 a month and it is geared towards women. It is a box for "that time of the month." Let me show you what is inside of my January box now!

This is what the outside of the box looked like. It was a pretty big box, I was very excited to check out what was inside of it. 

This is what the box looked like when I first opened it. There was 2 cards that explained what the box was and the things that were inside of it. Then if you can see it, there is a large envelope that says, "To Erica." It was a letter that thanked me for purchasing the box. I thought it was a nice touch because the front was handwritten and there was a handwritten signature at the bottom of the letter. I thought that was really nice because a lot of the times, the letters are just printed. It gave the box a nice little touch. 

When you sign up, you get to choose what kind of feminine products you want in the box. I choose U by Kotex regular sized tampons. It was a pack of 18. 

Now for the good part, the goodies that came in the box. I received a gourmet lollipop that was shaped like a flower, a package of hot chocolate and a square of mint chocolate. I love mint chocolate, I think it's the best tasting combination around. The thing that I love about the chocolate, is that it's healthy. If you're like me, then you made a New Year's Resolution to get into shape. Now I can still have my chocolate and not break my resolution. Yay!

UPDATE: I've tried the blue lollipop and to me, it tasted like your average sugar lollipop. It was made my Twinkle Pops, the look of it was very cute. Unfortunately though, mine got damaged during shipping. It still tasted good though! These lollipops would actually be perfect at a small, themed party. For example, a girls birthday party or even a baby shower! 

UPDATE:  I tried the hot cocoa tonight because it was a cold night that was perfect for staying in. It tasted really good. I think that I may have put too much water in mine though so it tasted a little watered down, but I'm pretty sure that was my own fault. Either way, it was still really good! I would definitely have another cup of this hot cocoa if I had another package. The brand is called "Cocoa Amore" but I couldn't find a website for them. 

UPDATE: The chocolate was really good! I love the mint-chocolate taste so I had some high hopes for it :)

These were the last two items in my box. The left item is a purple pumice sponge. If you have ever gotten a pedicure then the salon has more than likely used this on your feet. You put lotion on the stone and you rub your feet with it until they are smooth. A lot of people use it to get callouses off their feet. The other item was a pair of soft socks in the shape of a cupcake. I thought the idea was adorable and I use these socks all the time. Every night before I go to bed, I put lotion on my feet and then I put these socks over them. The socks keep my feet soft. They are very comfortable. 

UPDATE: The pumice stone did an amazing job! My feet feel so soft now :) It did leave little purple remnants on my feet from it, but I still thought that it did a nice job!

So that was everything in my box! I thought the box was a very cute idea and I am very happy with it! Let me know if you decide to join My Cotton Bunny and what you thought of it!

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Disclaimer: My Cotton Bunny did not contact me to do this review in any way.


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