Bulu Subscription Box January 2013 Review

Hey Everyone!

I just got my very first Bulu box this week. Bulu is a box for health products and they send you 4-5 products every month for $10/month. 

I especially liked this box because it is actually based in Lincoln, NE. I live in the Midwest and this is the first box that I have ever seen from around where I live. 

Lots of new stuff to try out!

Red Stinger Black Label diet/energy pill
Retail Value: $.73

UPDATE: I took this pill about 30 minutes before my workout, just like the package said to. I was hoping that it would give me an extra boost of energy to get through my workout. I don't think that it really did anything to me as for an extra energy boost. If anything, I was really falling behind today at the gym. I think that it did work fairly well for an appetite suppressant though. I didn't really feel the need to snack a lot today. 

Retail Value: $1 

Immuno Gum in Mixed Berry Flavor
Retail Value: $3.49

UPDATE: The flavor to this gum didn't even last 10 minutes, I'd say it was more around 5 minutes. It wasn't a bad taste but I can't see myself buying more of it. I'm sure that it has some good benefits to it, I just don't want to buy a gum that only lasts 5 minutes. 

Dream Water in the flavor "Snoozeberry."
Retail Value: $3.25

UPDATE: I have heard some great reviews about this product, so I was really excited to see that it was in my Bulu Box. The taste of it was really good, and I felt like the smaller size was perfect to drink right before bed time. I fell asleep about 45 minutes after drinking it, so I would say that it worked pretty well. 

Retail Value: $.99

Total Value of the box: $9.46

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