Cravebox Cooking Light Box Review

Hey Everyone!

My Cravebox Cooking Light just came in!

This box was huge, it had some big items in it! I paid $15 for this particular box. 

These are just those "fun" little papers that come in every box.

It came with a little cookbook with healthy recipes and a small magazine with a few health articles in it. 

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits in the flavor "Cinnamon Brown Sugar"
Retail Value: $2
It also came with two $1 coupons but I do not add that value into it because the only coupons that I ever use from these boxes are the free ones or things that I cannot live without :)

Barilla veggie pasta in "Farfalle"
Retail Value: $2.05
I LOVE pasta, but once I started to lose weight and stick to a regular diet (I've lost 15 lbs so far) I had to quit eating pasta because it is loaded with unneeded carbohydrates. This is made with veggies though, I think I can splurge one night and not feel too guilty about it. 

UPDATE: My boyfriend and I made this for supper tonight with a jar of the Barilla pasta sauce. I couldn't even tell the difference between the veggie pasta noodles and regular pasta noodles, other than the fact that these were orange.  I would definitely buy more of these if it meant that they were healthier than regular pasta. It was just as good as any other pasta noodles! I'd say that this box could serve about 3-4 people. 

Barilla white fiber pasta in "Mini Penne"
Retail Value: $2

SnackWells 100 Calorie "Fudge Pretzels"
Retail Value: $1.13
I already know that these taste awesome, this is one coupon that I will definitely be using. 

SunRype fruit strips in "Wildberry"
Retail Value: $.26

7UP 10 calorie soda
Retail Value: $.75

Trident Gum in the flavor "Island Berry Lime"
Retail Value: $2.99

Total Value of the Box: $11.18

I liked a lot of the stuff in this box. I am especially excited to try out the pasta noodles. I will have to find a recipe for healthy pasta dishes online. Or, is anybody has some good ideas for me then feel free to send it! :) If you count the coupons and the shipping, then the box was a little bit over the amount that I paid. 

Don't forget to come back and check out my posts, I always update them to let you know what I thought of each product! 

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