Ipsy February 2013 Review

Hey Everybody!

My Ipsy bag for February 2013 came in today! I love the pink package that the bag comes in. Cost of the bag each month is $10.

Black Plastic Makeup Bag
Retail Value: $1?

This is my least favorite bag of them all. It looks so cheap and if you saw any of my other posts about Ipsy, then you would know that I am tired of getting all of these dark colored bags. The theme of this bag was "Red Carpet Ready," why not make the bag red for that theme? Or at least for Valentine's Day. Not pleased with this one at all. This bag looks a lot like last month's bag, only in plastic form.  

The card for this month. I wish that they would make a card that explains the items in each bag. I had to research some of the items in this one just to figure out what they were.

Mica Beauty gel eyeliner in Black
Retail Value: $35?

I have no idea what the size of this is because there is nothing that tells you on the bottle. $30 is the price for a full size bottle and I am guessing that this is a full-size bottle. I am actually happy that I received this though, I've never tried gel eyeliner before and I am excited to try it. 

UPDATE: This is what the gel eyeliner looks like on my eyes. I thought that it went on really well and I like how it looks a lot. Although, the black did ruin my brand new brush. I tried to wash it off but it wouldn't come out at all. I wish that it came with it's own brush to ruin. 

The Lash Card lash cards
Retail Value: $2.80

Pixi Flawless & Poreless Cream
Retail Value: $14.50

POP mascara
Retail Value: $12.58

Coastal Scents eye shadow
Retail Value: $4

Total Value of the Bag: $69.88

The value of this bag was worth a lot more than the $10 that I paid. It wasn't my favorite bag, but I am still excited to try out all of the products. Don't forget to check back on my posts because I always update them and let everyone know how well I liked each product!

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Disclaimer: Ipsy did not contact me to do this review in any way.


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