Julep Cupid's/Valentines Day Mystery Box Review

Hey Everyone!

I just received my Julep Cupid Mystery Box and I was so excited to see what I received! The box itself was $19.99 and you were guaranteed to receive items that were worth $70-$200. 

All of my colors were pinks and reds, for Valentines Day!

One Free Nail Color from Julep
Retail Value: $14
I was so glad that I got this instead of the mystery holographic! Now I just can't decide on which color I want to get. If anybody has any suggestions for me, feel free to give me some ideas :)

"Lynn" from the "American Beauty" Collection
Retail Value: $14

UPDATE: I love how this color looks on my nails! It is supposed to have a pearl finish on it, I think that is what makes it looks so shiny. I love it! Definitely one of my favorite colors that I have gotten from Julep. The only problem that I had with it was that it took a little while to dry. Still though, it looks so pretty!

"Molly" from the "Boho Glam" Collection
Retail Value: $14

Retail Value: $14

UPDATE: The color looks a lot brighter in person to me. I think that it was just the lighting in this picture but "Niecy" was more of a hot pink color. 

"Rose" from the "Classic with a Twist" Collection
Retail Value: $14

UPDATE: This is a really nice color, I like how bright it is. I thought that it dried pretty fast too. I just can't decide if it's more of a red or pink color though?

"Camellia" lip vernis
Retail Value: $14

Total value of the box: $84

I cannot wait to try on these colors! I didn't see any that I didn't like in my box. Don't forget to check back in my posts because I always update them as I use the products to let you know what I thought of them! I will post more pictures of what the colors look like on my nails later :)

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