Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Julep Secret Store Haul February 2013

Hey Everyone!

I just got my Julep Secret Store item's. This was the first month that I have ever been invited to shop the Secret Store and let me tell you something, they have the best deals ever! I got so much stuff in my box and I only paid $36.95 for the entire box! To qualify for the Secret Store, you have to pay full price for one of the monthly Maven Boxes. The monthly Maven Box costs $19.99. 

Cabochon Ring. I think that this ring is awesome. I get to choose the color of the ring by paining it any color and putting the stone on top of it, such a good idea.

The best pedicure prep/cream and toe separators.

Foot File

I have no idea what the name of this color is, there isn't a name on the bottle anywhere.


No Name

"Jordan" from the "Boho Glam" Collection


No Name

UPDATE: This color is so pretty! I love how shiny and bright it is. I wish that I knew the name of it so that I could tell you guys. I like this color a lot. 

"Julia" from the "American Beauty" Collection

No Name

No Name

UPDATE: This color is so pretty, I love bright colors that stick out. It's definitely a different color and that's what I like most about it. 

"Whale you be my Valentine" Polish Set


UPDATE: The color looks a lot brighter in person to me. I think that it was just the lighting in this picture but "Niecy" was more of a hot pink color. 

"Susie" from the "Classic with a Twist" Collection
This color looks white in the picture but it is really a light blue color. 

"Eloise" from the "American Beauty" Collection 

I'd say that I did a pretty good job on this shopping trip! If you just count up all nail polishes at their retail value ($14/bottle) then that value alone would be $168. I only paid $36.95 for the whole box! I love Julep nail polish, it is a high quality and it lasts longer than any other polish that I have used. 

Don't forget to come back to my posts, I always update them to let you know how well I liked each item! For these, I will post pictures of what the colors look like on my nails. 

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Disclaimer: Julep did not contact me in any way to do this review. 

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