KlutchClub Fitness Box February 2013

Hey Everyone!

I look forward to getting my KlutchClub Box every month, I was so excited when I saw it sitting in my mail box the other day! They never disappoint me!

KlutchClub costs $18 (or less) a month and each box has over $50 worth of items. 

I am a huge fan of the box the KlutchClub comes in, you can pull all of the items out without making a mess of everything.

Allergease Lozenges in the flavor "Honey Lemon"
Retail Value: $5.99

UPDATE: These lozenges tasted really good. They had a hint of menthol in them, but not a whole lot to where they were overpowering. I would buy more of these, definitely. They relieved my throat when it was sore for a little while. 

Immuno Gum in "Mixed Berry" 
Retail Value: $3.49

UPDATE: The taste of this gum is pretty good, I just wish that it lasted more than 5 minutes. I'm sure that it is very healthy for you, but when I buy gum, I usually expect it to last pretty long.

VitaPerk Drink Mixes in the Flavors "Hazelnut," "Mocha," "Vanilla" and "Unflavored"
Retail Value: $3.96

UPDATE: I tried the "hazelnut" flavor in my hazelnut coffee this morning. I thought that the smell when I opened up the little package smelled  so good! It made my coffee a bit sweeter than it normally is, which I don't mind because I hate black coffee. I would buy this flavor again if it meant that I was getting my vitamins in my coffee every morning. "Mocha" tasted very good too. 

Chia! Drink in the flavor "Strawberry Citrus"
Retail Value: $3.09

UPDATE: This drink had little floating chia seeds in it. I love chia seeds, I think they taste delicious. I thought there was too many seeds in it though. The strawberry citrus flavor was very good. It would have tasted better with less chia seeds though. 

Honest Tea in the Flavor "Honey Green Tea"
Retail Value: $1.57

Nature's Bakery Fig Bar in the Flavor "Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon"
Retail Value: $1.25

Total Value of the Box: $19.35
I just wanted to make a note that is box did come with some coupons that would bump up the value of the box a lot. I never add the value of the coupons to the total value of the box. Either way, the value of the box is still worth more than what I paid for! 

Don't forget to check back in on my posts, I always update my posts to let you guys know how each product tasted!

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Disclaimer: KlutchClub did not contact or pay me to do this review in any way. 


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