28 Day Hug Subscription Box March 2013 Review

Hey Everybody!

Just received my 28 Day Hug for March 2013 :) 
Cost: $5.98/month

I am a little bit confused about 28 Day Hug right now. One of my YouTube subscribers brought it to my attention that 28 Day Hug was ending. A lot of the other girls who subscribe to this service received a note inside of their package saying that this month would be their last box. I even watched their unboxing videos and all of them showed the same note from 28 Day Hug. I received the March box too but I didn't receive that note. I even looked on their website and it didn't say anything about shutting down. I am so confused about this...

Newman's Own Organics Dark Chocolate Caramel Cups
Value: $1.54

These look so yummy! I've heard that they are really good from other 28 Day Hug subscribers.

Mighty Leaf "Chocolate Mint Truffle" Tea
Value: $1.98

UPDATE: I have never tried tea in this kind of flavor before. When I made it, the cup ended up looking like it had coffee in it without the creamer. I could smell a little bit of mint in it, but not a whole lot. I didn't really think that it tasted like chocolate mint truffle. To me it just tasted like normal tea. I liked the taste of it a lot, but if you're not really a tea drinker like I am than you probably won't like it much better than you liked the other flavors of tea. 

Sinclair & Vandiver Body Scrub
Value: $1.99

Scensibles Feminine Care Scented Bags
Value: $0.50

Total Value: $6.01

I really liked the items that were in for this month. I am going to be really disappointed if 28 Day Hug discontinues their services!


Disclaimer: 28 Day Hug did not contact or pay me to do this review in any way. 


  1. I am interested in subscribing to 28 day hug. Did they end up discontinuing their service?


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