Friday, March 15, 2013

Doggyloot Toy-of-the-Month Subscription March 2013

Hey Everyone!

I just receive my Doggyloot "Toy-of-the-Month" for March 2013! (If you use my referral link to sign up you can get $5 off of your first purchase!) Doggyloot is a website that offers flash sales for dog items. I get a lot of my puppies toys and treats for up to 75% off whenever I buy from Doggyloot.  I received the large dog option because I have 2 large dogs (Siberian Husky and Yellow Labrador). The large dog option is $12.99 a month, the small dog is $8.99 and the medium dog option is $10.99. With this subscription, you receive one mystery dog toy each month.

Kong On/Off Squeaker Toy

I was so excited to see this was our mystery toy! I work at a pet store and I know that these are a brand new product from Kong. Kong toys are supposed to be the most durable toys for dogs and cats. We have a few Kong toys and all of them have lasted way longer than other brands! I actually almost bought this for my puppies the other day too. Something that I really like about this toy is that you can turn the squeaker on and off (for those people who get annoyed by the squeaker). Plus the design is so cute!

I feel like this toy is so worth the $12.99 that I paid for! My dogs are going to absolutely love it, although I may have to purchase another one so that one of my puppies doesn't get jealous. 

Here is my Siberian Husky (Emma) when she was only 2 months old. If you look close enough in the bottom left corner, there is a cat ear (my cat Henry). Emma and Henry were trying to figure each other out, too cute!

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Disclaimer: This post includes referral links. Doggyloot did not contact or pay me to do this review in any way. 

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