Graze Subscription Box March 2013

Hey Everybody!

I just got my Graze box for this week! I love getting this box, it has tasty snacks that are still healthy for you.
Cost: $5/box

Unfortunately I do not have any codes left for this box :( A lot of people have been asking me for one because they aren't open to the public yet. Hopefully they let more people sign up soon though because I know that a lot of people are anxiously waiting for one!

"Sweet Goan Curry Crackers" with Crunchy Rice Crackers and Sweet Curry Spices

UPDATE: These crackers are definitely one of my favorite items from the Graze selection. They are not spicy and they taste so delicious. The sweet curry spices make this absolutely delicious!

"My Thai" with Sweet Chili Sauce and Soy Bites

UPDATE: These really aren't that spicy at all. I love the soy bites and I thought that the sweet chili sauce was really good too. I'm not sure if I liked the two together so much though. I think that they should have put the baguettes with the sweet chili sauce. Either way, it was really good!

"Tropical Daiquiri" with Green Mango, Lime Raisins and Pineapple

UPDATE: I tried these in a previous box. My favorite part of this pack are the raisins. The mango and the pineapple are really good too. I wouldn't mind trying these again. 

"Strawberry Milkshake" with Baby Strawberries, Bananas and White Milk Chocolate

UPDATE: I must have waited a little bit too long to eat this mix. By the time that I ate it the bananas and the strawberries didn't taste too good anymore. I was probably past the expiration date. The chocolate tasted really good though :)

I have enjoyed a lot of the things inside of my other Graze boxes, so I am sure that I am going to like a lot of these too! I've already tried a few of the things in my box and I know that they are good. I'll be sure to let you all know how each tastes after I have tried them!

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Disclaimer: Graze did not contact or pay me to do this review in any way. 


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