Julep Spring Fling Mystery Box March 2013 Review

Hey Everyone!

I just got my Julep Spring Fling Mystery Box! They must have just changed their packaging because usually Julep sends out their products in a white shipping box with their logo on it. 

Cost: $25
With this box, you were guaranteed to get over $75 worth of products.

I remember getting these from the Easter Bunny every single year when I was little! They bring me back down memory lane again :)

Pomegranate Body Creme

I love the smell of pomegranate, hopefully this is a high quality lotion because my hands are so dry from the rough winter.

Pink & Green Neon Hair Ties

I actually got three of these but I already lost the orange one :( I was so glad that I got these though because every time that I see these on their website, I almost buy them. 

One-Step Polish Remover Pad

I've received these in other Julep boxes and I absolutely love them! This is probably the best nail polish remover that I have ever used.

Julep Nail Emery Board

I already have a pretty sweet emery board so I probably won't be using this. 

Now it's time to show you all of the nail polishes that I got!

"Grace" from the "Classic with a Twist" Collection

I'm not much of a nude nail polish kind of girl, but I would still try it out.

"Camille" from the "Classic with a Twist" Collection

This is a really pretty, sparkly white color. I think that it would look pretty over a nice pink color.

"Julianne" from the "Boho Glam" Collection

I received this color in my February box. I really liked how it looked, it's a smokey blue color. 


I think that this one was my absolute favorite out of the whole box. It's so different than other colors that I have. I'm not sure if it's a color that should be put over another color or alone. I'll have to experiment!

The value of this box was was over the $25 price that I had paid. The bottles of nail polish alone go for $14 a piece. I can't wait to try out all of the different colors and see what they look like on my nails!

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Disclaimer: This post includes referral links. Julep did not contact or pay me to do this review in any way. 


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