Friday, March 1, 2013

Soap-of-the-Month Club February 2013 Review

Hey Everyone!

I just received my very first package from The Soap-of-the-Month Club. The cost of this subscription is $6.50 a month and you receive one bar of soap, plus a variety of other samples.

Since this was my very first package from this company, they sent me a membership card and an exfoliating glove. 

I received a bar of Kojic Soap for my first bar. I didn't want to open the bag all of the way, that way I could keep it fresh until I used it. The color looks like an amber color to me, and it smells SO good. It is a Papaya and Mango scent. This particular soap is supposed to help with skin lightening such as sun spots and freckles. I don't really have any sun spots or freckles but I am still interested in trying it out. Even if it doesn't lighten my skin, this bar still smells AMAZING! 

These are all of the soap samples that I received in my package. The are supposed to look like a box of chocolates and they are scented that way too. These smelled really good too! They almost look good enough to eat. I can't wait to try out all of these soaps! every single one of them smelled amazing. 

All of the soaps that are sent each month are:
- Highly Moisturizing Formula
- No Artificial Colors
- 100% Vegetable Base
- Biodegradable
- No Animal Testing

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Disclaimer: The Soap-of-the-Month Club did not contact or pay me to do this review in any way. 

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