Cravebox Bikini Ready Box

Hey Everybody!

My latest Cravebox came in the mail last week!

This boxes theme was "Bikini Ready". Of course it was geared towards the upcoming bikini season! If you guys are unfamiliar with Cravebox, it is definitely different than other subscription boxes. Instead of being guaranteed a box, you take a survey and enter the drawing once a box becomes available. If you are chosen to get the box, they charge your card (usually the same day that you get the email confirmation) and send it off the next day. Each box has a different cost, usually between $13-15 each.

Cost: $13

I signed up for GymPact on my phone and with it, you earn money for each time that you work out. You can run, go to the gym or workout at home. It seems pretty fun to me and it really motivates me to get my gym time in each week!

Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar in Chocolate Caramel Cluster
Value: $1.44

This bar kind of has a lot of carbohydrates in it. I don't really eat nutrition bars anymore because a lot of them are basically like candy bars with more protein in them. If you are in need of energy though, they are a great snack to carry around for a quick snack. 

Value: $7.20

YAY!! I have been wanting to try these out FOREVER! I have a lot of friends who use them I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Plus, look at that design! It's so cute!

Value: $1?

I didn't value all of these out individually or anything. They definitely look interesting though! I could always use more lotion.

Value: $14.75

I'm not really the kind of person that follows diets like this, but I am still interested in finding out how it works. Losing 20 lbs in 28 days is a lot of weight to lose. 

Total Value of the Box: $24.39

Definitely an interesting box to receive! I am especially excited to try out the nail effects :) I really like the design that was in this box. 


Disclaimer: Cravebox did not contact or pay me to do this review. All opinions are my own. 


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