Quarterly Co. Subscription Box Joel Johnson March 2013 Review

Hey Everybody!

I know that the picture is a little bit blurry but I just got my very first box for Quarterly Co. This subscription box is definitely different than other boxes. You could probably guess by the name but this box comes every 4 months, or every quarter. What I like about this box is that you are able to chose the person who puts together your box for you. I want to try and go through all of the contributors at least once :) Right now, there are 30 contributors to pick from that send out all different types of things. The cost of each box ranges from $25-$100 every quarter.

This month I decided to get Joel Johnson's box. The description for his box says

"Do you like old cashews and spark plugs? Because if I trusted my own judgment, that’s what I'd give you four times a year. Fortunately for you, my Quarterly is guided by the (figurative) spirit of my grandma, Vivian, who didn't quite raise me but certainly refined me. I'll be exploring the life she lived and the lessons she learned, passing on things that remind me of her. I hope my mailings will make you feel as comforted and inspired as she made me.
If you enjoy good smells, quiet mornings (about to erupt with the screams of ornery children), and a worldly sense of style filtered through post-Depression hillbilly pragmatism, this box is for you."
If you look at the picture above there are papers that say #BVH02, that is a handwritten letter from Joel Johnson and why he chose the items that he did. I thought that the letter was quite interesting to read. 
Cost: $25/Quarter

Leener's Sauerkraut & Dill Pickle Recipe Kit

I don't believe that I have ever had sauerkraut in my life. It should be interesting to try though, especially since I will be making it myself!

This was all of the items that came inside of the kit. I am really interested in seeing how this is going to turn out because it's definitely something that I've never tried before. What does sauerkraut taste good on? If you can, give me some tips!

When I first saw this in the box, I had absolutely no clue what it was. Apparently it is a masher though and it is used for making the sauerkraut. You are supposed to mash up the cabbage by yourself with this. 

These are definitely items that I have never used before so I am really interested in seeing how things turn out with it. I really liked this box though, it introduced me to new things. Does anybody else get Quarterly boxes? If you do feel free to let me know what you get!


Disclaimer: Quarterly did not contact or pay me to do this review. All opinions are my own. 


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