Spicy Subscriptions Deluxe Box April 2013 Review + Coupon Code!

Hey Everybody!

I just received my very first Spicy Subscriptions box! I have been wanting to try out this box for a months now, pretty much ever since I first heard about them. So of course I said yes when they reached out to me to try their April box! 

For those of you who are not familiar with Spicy Subscriptions, it is a monthly subscription box for adults. There are 2 types of Spicy boxes that you can get, the premium box and the deluxe box. The premium box costs $24.95/month and comes with 1 flirty item, 1-2 full-sized products and 3-6 trial-sized products. The deluxe box costs $34.95/month and comes with 1 deluxe item, 1-2 full-sized products, 1 deluxe accessory and 3-6 trial-sized products. 

"You'll receive a curated collection of Romance, Intimacy & Beauty products hand-picked from our Spice Shop. The Spice Box contains Romantic Gifts and an assortment of Intimate Items, Massage Oils, Sexy Lingerie, Romantic Fragrances and more!"

The great thing about Spicy Subscriptions is that they come in completely discreet shipping packages! This is great for people with kids or any nosey neighbors. 

I received the deluxe Spice Box for April.

Cost: $34.95/month 

If you use my coupon code "reviewsuntilyoudrop" you can save 5% on your order!

This is what their description card looks like. It looks like this month's theme was "Dress Down".

There was a lot of full-sized products in this month's box! When I first looked at my package it looked like it was stuffed full of items, and that's always a good thing. 

Value: $10.99

When I first saw this I wasn't quite sure what it was. Apparently this is the first step to an aphrodisiac infused ritual and it it supposed to relax you. It smells amazing and I cannot wait to try it out. You are supposed to pour this into your bath water until you get the color that you want. In the bottle it looks like a bright red color. Don't worry though, it's not supposed to stain your bath or your skin. It's just supposed to relax you while you take a bath. Who couldn't use a nice, relaxing bath after a long day?

Value: $9.99

This is the second step of the ritual and this body polish smells awesome. I think that I like it better than the first step. You are supposed to apply this body polish onto a loofah or sponge and rub it into your skin to make it soft. I have used a product like this before but it was only for feet, this product is for all over. It feels grainy when you put it onto your skin but I think that it makes your skin feel so much softer than when you just use lotion. 

Value: $13.99

This is step 5 of the ritual and yet again, it smells amazing too. I love getting massages, I don't know anybody who doesn't. I can't wait to try this out because I am long over-do for a massage. "Packed with a moisturizing, indulgent blend of nut, seed and fruit and hemp oils, this ultra smooth and undeniably sensual romance staple is made from predominantly natural ingredients, and contains no petrochemicals or parabens, perfect for sensitive skin and body care purists."

Full-Size: $15

2 Oz Bottle: $11.04

Value: $9.80

Full-Size: $14.99

Total Value of the Box: $45.77

I am really impressed by this box. It looks like a lot of fun and I cannot wait to try out all of the products! I think that I'm most excited about trying out the stuff that you put in the bath, I've never used anything like it before. Let me know if you guys got a Spicy Subscription for this month and what you thought of it!

Don't forget to use my coupon code "reviewsuntilyoudrop" to get 5% off of your purchase!


Disclaimer: This box was provided for review purposes but all opinions are my own. No compensation was received for this review. 


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