Umba Box Subscription April 2013 Review

Hey Everybody!

I am definitely late on this review because I received the box a few weeks ago but I received my very first Umba Box

Cost: $25/month

I've mentioned in earlier posts that I am a huge supporter of small businesses. That is exactly what Umba Box is trying to promote as well, small and upcoming businesses. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Umba Box, it is a monthly subscription box that includes 2-3 handmade women's items from jewelry, stationery, bath products and home goods.  

Each item in the box comes with a story about the creator and their company as well. 

Value: $4

I have honestly never even seen a solid bar of shampoo, I didn't even know that they existed. It is supposed to work just like regular shampoo when cleaning your hair, if not better. You rub the bar on your hair and lather it up (a little bit goes a long way) then you scrub your hair with your fingers just like regular shampoo. I am definitely excited to try this out, it smells amazing!

Value: $8

This is actually a stick of lotion believe it or not! I've never seen a product like this one before either (maybe I just don't get out enough?). I love the the size and shape of this too, it's perfect for putting in my pocket or in my purse. I'm hoping that it makes my skin really soft because lately I've been despising the lotion that I buy from Bath & Body Works. Their lotion keeps my skin soft for about an hour then I have to reapply. 

Value: $5?

I am unsure about what this exactly is. Their website is being updated right now so I couldn't find any information about their products. I tried to look up the website that is listed on their information card and I couldn't seem to get onto that either. There is a front pouch with clear plastic on it so I figured that it was like a badge holder. I think that the print on this is adorable too, definitely my style. If I find any more information on their products I will be sure to let everyone know!

Value: $2.85

I haven't tasted this yet but it looks so yummy! With my recent health kick (not really recent anymore) I have been trying to find some healthy food that still tastes good. I love granola but I noticed that a lot of the granola I see at the grocery store isn't really all that healthy (usually they are overly processed). This granola is all natural though so it is definitely good in my book!

Postcard by Sarah Doriani
Value: $2?

I could not find anything on the artist who drew this postcard. I'm not even sure how much postcards go for anymore so I just guessed $2. The detail is absolutely beautiful in this picture though. It actually reminds me of something that I would have drawn when I took art classes. I was always a dreamer and my dreams usually consisted of traveling somewhere. 

Value: $1.67

Maple & Belmont is actually a husband and wife company and all of their cards and products are handmade. I was skimming through their other cards and there was a lot of really cute ones. Even some Mother's Day cards if you haven't gotten one for your mother yet!

Total Value of the Box: $23.52

I'm loving my Umba Box so far. It gives small businesses a chance to get their products out there and I am always a supporter of that. The products in the box were definitely worth the value that I paid!


Disclaimer: Umba Box did not contact or pay me to do this review in any way. All opinions are my own. 


  1. I think the item from Lovell Designs is a luggage tag! It also just dawned on me that it all makes for a nicely curated box - shampoo and lotion that travels without mess, a luggage tag, a hearty travel snack for your bag and some post cards. Nice! Thanks for your site, it's very helpful! :)

    1. It is a luggage tag, and we were going for the travel themed box, for sure! Thanks for reviewing us! -Lauren, Founder & CEO of Umba Box


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