Goodies Co. Subscription Box April 2013 Review

Hey Everybody!

I have so much catching up to do on my subscription boxes! I have been such a slacker lately but I'm here now and I am ready to show you guys all of the subscription boxes that I have gotten lately. Sorry if a lot of them are about a month late though!

My Goodies Co. box came in a few weeks ago and I am just now getting ready to share it with you all! I am always really happy to see my Goodies Co. boxes come in because I have never once been disappointed with it. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Goodies Co.,  it is actually a branch off of Wal-Mart to allow people to try different types of food. Each box features 5-8 new snacks.

Cost: $7/month

$50 Gift Card to

I already checked out their website and there is a pretty big wine selection. The prices aren't bad either either! I'll have to do some more searching later to see which ones I want to try ;)

Value: $1.65

I'm not really the type of person that drinks energy drinks but I would still give this a try. It is supposed to burn calories and give you more energy. 

Value: $0.29

I have gotten something from this brand before, I believe it was in my Goodies Co. box from 2 months ago. It was a caramel covered popcorn I believe. I remembered that it tasted really good though so I have some high expectations for this too. I'm kind of disappointed with the size of this bag though. It feels like there is hardly anything in the bag. 

Value: $1.36

Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookie dough? I think that is a great flavor for any type of nutrition bar. Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks on the package. 

Value: $1.19

These look really good. They remind me of a healthier version of a rice krispie treat.

Value: $1.31

These don't really look like something that I would normally buy. They look a little bit too processed for my taste but I'm still willing to give it a try.

Value: $0.48

I LOVE sweet potatos. Hopefully these taste just as good because I cannot wait to try them out.

Total Value of the Box: $6.28 + $50 gift card

I feel like this box was definitely worth the money that I paid. I kind of wish that some of the samples were bigger though, so that I could get a better taste of what some things are like. Overall though I still really love getting my Goodies Co. box every month!


Disclaimer: Goodies Co. did not contact or pay me to do this review in any way. All opinions are my own.


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