GymPact, Get Paid for Working Out: My Opinion and a Referral Code for a $5 Credit!

Hey Everyone!

Have you guys ever heard of an app for your smartphone called GymPact? The first time that I ever heard of it, somebody had given me code so that I could get a $5 credit for signing up. GymPact is an app that you can get on your smartphone and they pay you for meeting your weekly workout goals. I have been using GymPact for about 2 months now and I just wanted to let you all know my opinion on the app. 

Starting Out and Sign Up

When you sign up, you can choose to connect your GymPact to Facebook or just sign up through e-mail. If you use my referral code "warmuErica" at sign-up, you can get a $5 credit in your account! After you sign up, you have to create your own pact. My pact every week is that I work out 3 days a week at $5 a day. What that means is that if I miss a day of working out, I end up paying GymPact $5 for every day that I missed. So I would highly recommend using my code because that is like getting one free accidental miss day! You can make your pact for anywhere from 1 day a week to 7 days, and from $5 a day to $50 a day for missed days of exercise. I thought that 3 days a week for $5 a day was pretty reasonable for myself. You must put a valid credit card number into your account for the rewards to go into your account. If you don't you'll just be working out and checking-in without any rewards. 

How to track your work-outs

There are 3 ways that you can track your workouts; check into a gym, use the RunKeeper app or track your movement anywhere. The one that I use the most is checking into a gym. All of the gyms that I have ever been to are already in the app so it has been really easy for me to track my workouts through there. To check into a gym all you have to do is open the app and select the gym that you are at in the bottom section of the app. If your gym isn't on the list, there is a button that says "+ Add New Gym". I have never had to add a gym but it seems like it would be pretty simple to do. to make a workout count, you have to be checked in for at least 30 minutes. Make sure to check out before you leave the gym!

Another way to count a work out is by using the RunKeeper app. Before you start working out, install the RunKeeper app in the app store and sign up for an account. Then, go to your GymPact app, go to setting and under "My Account" it should say "RunKeeper". Click on that button and it should say something like "Connected- Get Running". If it doesn't say that then you can click on whatever it says at the bottom and RunKeeper will connect with GymPact automatically for you. In the RunKeeper app, it should track all of your stats for walking/running including calories burned, intensity level and time. Make sure that you stop the timer in RunKeeper! The minimum time that you can track is 30 minutes for it to count in GymPact. A lot of the times my RunKeeper does not go automatically to my GymPact. It could be a few hours after my run before I get a  notification on my phone from GymPact saying something like, "Congratulations! You finished a run in RunKeeper". When GymPact made their new update, a lot of people were really annoyed because they thought that they had to go into the settings section of GymPact to get to RunKeeper every time, it used to just be on the front screen. That's not the case though, you can just open up RunKeeper on your phone and it will automatically go to GymPact and count towards your weekly goal. 

The last way to track your workout is by using the "Anywhere" feature. This feature would be great for anybody who works out at home with a DVD or their treadmill. I actually don't use this feature too much because I usually go out of my home to exercise. I have used it a few times though. To check in anywhere, you go to the same spot as checking into a gym in the app. There is a little slider button there that lets you change "At the gym" to "Anywhere". To use this feature, you have to keep your phone on you because it tracks your movement. For each minute to count towards your workout, you have to go past a certain level of movement for that minute to count towards your 30 minute daily goal. In my opinion it is pretty easy to get past that goal, it's pretty low compared to the movement that I usually do.  After you have 30 minutes of movement logged into your account, you check-out and can go on with the rest of your day. 


Currently, my account says that I have earned $10.34 from my work-outs. I went a few weeks without working out or earning rewards because my card wasn't on file. On average, you will earn $0.30-$0.40 a week for every workout that you do. So usually I make a little bit over a dollar a week for working out. While that may not seem like a lot, I still feel like it is better than what I was getting before using GymPact (which was nothing). You can withdraw your rewards with PayPal. It's all pretty simple, you just give your PayPal e-mail and they send it into your PayPal account! There is the option to schedule a break, freeze your account and delete your account if you aren't able to make your goals while on vacation or decide to quit using the app. 

My Opinion

I have really been enjoying using GymPact. I think that it is a great way to earn money for exercising and it's great motivation to get up and workout. Most days I would have just said that I wasn't going to workout today, but now I have the incentive that I really don't want to pay $5 if I miss a day and I end up going! I have had a few problems with GymPact, but they have never been anything big enough to make me want to quit using the app. One problem that I had was that I couldn't log on to the app for awhile. Customer service helped me out with that though and everything was fixed. Another problem was that for a few weeks, I had not been getting any rewards at all. I had been meeting my goals but there was no rewards for about 3 weeks that went into my account. I contacted their customer service about it and they were very helpful and gave me all of the rewards that I had earned. Usually, the rewards from one week won't come until the end of the next week. So I kind of wish that the rewards would go into my earning a little quicker, or even on a specified day each week, but I can live with it if they don't. 

Don't forget to use my code, "warmuErica" to get a $5 credit in the app! Also, please like my Facebook page and subscribe to my YouTube channel :) 

Let me know if you have any questions about GymPact, I'd be happy to help you out!

Disclaimer: I do not work for GymPact and they did not contact me to do this review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. I keep hearing about this app and I really should try it but I'm such a bum! I'm sad that it only seems to count organized or aerobic exercise... what if I just want to do yoga at home?

    ~Mary Q. @ ((little fat notebook))

  2. How did you get your referral code to work? did you have to type it in, or did they just give you one when you said, "give me my referral code" button?


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