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I got an e-mail from Me Undies a few weeks ago and I was so excited that they wanted me to try out a few of their products. Of course I said yes because I have heard nothing but good things about their products! Me Undies sells top quality basic apparel for men and women like; t-shirts, socks, hats and underwear. 

I received 4 pairs of underwear in my bag. According to their website, these are the most  comfortable underwear in the world. Those are pretty high standards to uphold so I had some pretty high expectations when I opened the bag!

Value: $16 each

The women's brief came in these cute little packages, you can see what they look like in the picture above this one. I received one in black and one in grey. I could not believe how soft these underwear are. A friend was at my house when I opened the package up and she even commented on how soft they were! These seem like the kind of underwear that you could just live in all day and be comfortable in. I still can't get over how soft these feel! I was looking at the different prints on their website and they have a lot of really cute ones.There was a chevron print that I really  liked, I may have to purchase that one in the near future.

Value: $16/each

My boyfriend loves boxer briefs. He received one pair in orange and the other in mint. These colors are a lot of fun! The first thing that my boyfriend said when he tried them on was that they were extremely comfortable. From what I could tell and what he said about them, he didn't have any complaints at all and he liked them alot. I have a feeling that these are going to become his new favorite pairs of underwear. 

My overall experience with Me Undies was an excellent one. I have nothing but good things to say about their products and I have a feeling that I will have to try out their other products in the near future because if their underwear is that soft and comfortable, I can only imagine what their t-shirts are going to be like. 

Have you ever received products from Me Undies? What did you think about them?

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Disclaimer: I received these products for review purposes only. No compensation was received for this review, and all opinions are my own! This post contains referral links. 


  1. Sounds like great underwear! Though always nervous about ordering that kind of thing online :)

    1. These are great! They are just so comfortable :)

  2. Are their any underwear lines you would compare the quality or softness of Me Undies to? It seems pricey for underwear, but if it as good as you say...

    1. The only other brand of underwear that I really wear a lot is Victorias Secret. Not so much for the comfort, more just for the styles. The quality of Victoria's Secret is pretty high up there but I would say that MeUndies is the softest that I've ever owned.

  3. I did not have a good experience with this Company. I got five emails a week announcing their deals and new patterns. However, every time I go to order 80% of their stock is unavailable. There are over 50 pattern options, and continuously I only get an option of six patterns. Even worse, yesterday I got an announcement of this months pattern, and when I went online within three minutes, the pattern was already sold out (I assume they were out before they sent the email). I am tired of them filling my inbox with items I can't get. As a customer, they have pissed me off. They need to re0adjust their business plan and inventory model. Waste of my time!

  4. You say they are soft but what I really need to know they slide up your butt? Do they show pantie lines? I don't care if they are soft if they are constantly sliding up my butt. I don't wear thongs if that helps you answer.

  5. Overall the products are nice, but they are not made to last, as Jasmine at the Zendesk said when my $60 French Terry Hoodie fell apart..."Unfortunately, our policy does not cover items purchased over a year ago. At this point, our Quality Control team considers these damages user-related".

  6. They are really good, best underwear i purchased in that price range. 20% off site wide + free shipping (new customers), see link

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